The Grip

After last weeks post Get That Gear Ready I started to think about the “tune up lessons” we do at the shop and some of the things that a fly fisher can forget during a long absence from the water, so today starts a series on the basics of fly casting […]

Get That Gear Ready

Living in Texas has many upsides. One is the fact that we have NO closed fishing season> Yep, that is correct, while many states feel it is wise to shut down fishing for awhile, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department thinks otherwise. The downside t […]

Sean Polk Talks Fishing For North Texas Sand bass

Today’s post is from Tailwaters own warm water specialist Sean Polk talks fishing for north Texas Sand Bass-

Sand bass season is typically marked by the first warm days of the new spring, when the coldness of winter subsides as the days grow longe […]

Layer Like Pro Simms Angler Casey Ashley

We fishermen can be an odd lot. In general, we will brave heat or cold, rain or sun to enjoy our sport. But for Simms tournament fishermen Casey Ashley the sport is his business and braving the elements means the difference between a paycheck and […]

Choosing a Fly Rod

Getting started in fly fishing can be a bit intimidating, particularly if you have never used a fly rod. Coming into the shop and seeing the wall of rods, along with all the gadgets and gizmos can set a newbies head to spinning and for some, choosing […]

Capture Everyday Adventures – GoPro Hero 4

They say that the very best camera is the one you have with you and how true that is. It doesn’t matter if you own the latest Nikon or Canon along with 20 lenses, if you don’t have it with you when that special moment occurs, well you are SOL. Th […]

2015 Travel Destinations, What’s on your List?

Well here we are, over a month into the new year so it is time to get moving! Maybe you have decided to start a diet (again!) or you have a list of “honey do” chores and projects to finish or maybe you’ve decided to learn how to make sushi. For […]

Palometa Club Permit Tourney: Part 2

Day 1 of the tournament was tough day for all. Our guess? The high winds and low pressure had pushed the permit off the flats. While several were spotted, a few lost, no team came home to the Palometa club in celebration. Though, as we pulled up on t […]

Palometa Club 2nd Annual Permit Tourney: Live Report

The 2nd annual Palometa club permit tournament benefitting BTT and the school children of Punta Allen is off to a howling start. Our 7 teams arrived in to Punta Allen this past weekend from all over the US and 2 anglers came […]

Patagonia River Guides Report – Fly Fishing in Argentina

Bucket List: Argentina – Checked
Sometimes I go because of a certain species and sometimes I go for the variety of species found in a specific fishery, but this trip I went for the entire cultural fishing experience that Argentina boasts. For year […]