East Texas Bass’in

Super friend and loyal supporter, Ron Gard, invited me to his stellar property east of town for some serious bass fishing action on Friday.  It is gorgeous Spring mornings on the bass pond that help remind me why living in Texas is not all that b […]

Louisiana Redfish Fall/Winter Recap & Summer Preview

We are approaching the anniversary of the USA’s largest oil spill in history.  Nearly a year ago, we all watched in disbelief and horror as the Deepwater Horizon rig sank to the bottom of the abyssal Gulf in a ball of flames – and carrying […]

Palometa Club 500 Permit Update – 493 (7 Remaining)



The Palometa Club on Ascension Bay is about to make headlines with landing their 500th permit in only their 6th season of operation (Note, TPC is only open […]

Worried About Piracy in Seychelles? Don’t Be. Here is Why.

Worried About Piracy in Seychelles?  Don’t Be…

It is impossible to accurately describe a trip to Seychelles.  There is simply nothing that compares with the beauty, uniqueness, and sensational flats fishing.  We have collectively visited Alp […]

Top Ten Bass Flies for the Spawn

It’s Bass Season!

I have received numerous reports over the past week of bass either moving up to create beds, or already have made them. Kevin VanDam actually won the Bassmaster Classic by fishing to spawning fish two weekends ago. […]

CCA Cookout with Scott Sommerlatte

Last night, Tailwaters hosted the monthly meeting for the Dallas CCA Chapter. Before the meeting, the CCA Boys popped up a tent in the back and fired up their grill. Despite a light drizzle, we all got our fill of brats and beer before the guest […]

What a Abel Surefire Goes Well With

Customer picture showing what he pairs his new Abelight Surefire with:


New Toys at Tailwaters!

Well, Snowmageddon 2011 hasn’t slowed the influx of new items here at the shop. We have two new toys that just showed up:

First is the Ross F1 reel, that we’ve been waiting oh-so-patiently for – Ross’ most high-tech reel ever!

The other […]

Palometa Club R&D Mission

Ascension Bay Trip Report

We just returned from a few days of fruitful research and development on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.  My traveling companions were Brent Boone from the shop, and Captain Bryan Carter – our headliner redfish guide […]

Jersey Sightings

I just returned from a trip to The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ and as per usual for the show, ran into quite an interesting cast of characters. Instead of photographing the show-goers, I opted instead to get a selection of their license plates f […]