Continuing with our spring time tune up series, this week we will talk about something that robs
a fly cast of many things including power and accuracy. That one thing is slack. One of the first
things I try to instill in a beginning fly fisher i […]

The Grip

After last weeks post Get That Gear Ready I started to think about the “tune up lessons” we do at the shop and some of the things that a fly fisher can forget during a long absence from the water, so today starts a series on the basics of fly casting […]

Rod Building 101 – Intro

Over 30 years ago a man named Norm Goheen began hosting a rod building class at his home in Garland, Texas. Norm was quite a character. He had big pork-chop side burns, a booming voice, and a real knack for telling tall tales. Norm also had a knack f […]

For all of you Fly Tiers….

One of my recent and long term projects for Tailwaters is to capture an image of every single fly that we have in stock.  We will be using these images for various use, the internet and destination outfitting guides are among many.  Yesterday, it cam […]

C.C.I.s at Last!!

After plenty of training and studying, Tex Moore and I passed our Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) Casting Instructor Certification test(s) this past weekend. We were in Lake Charles, LA at the Gulf Coast FFF Conclave, and completed the written and pr […]

Fly Fish Texas 2009

This past weekend, Tex and I scooted down to Athens for the annual Fly Fish Texas event at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center to give our (in)famous gear seminar. After a small start (5 folks), our class grew to close to 25 or so, but I’m still un […]

SLP = Straight Line Path

That acronym is the mantra of anyone attempting to become a Certified Casting Instructor (CCI) with the Federation of Fly Fishers. It relates to the path of the tip of the rod during the casting stroke – no SLP, no tight loops.

This past weekend, Te […]