Rolling Tarpon on Isla Holbox. Photo By: Cody Bell

Too many traveling anglers just blow off the saltwater during the summer.  Rightfully so, it is the time to head to the Rockies, Alaska, or Kamchatka.  However, some of the best saltwater action happens in the summertime.  Yes, there can be uncomfortably hot temperatures as well as hurricanes this time of year, but these weather events are most common during the later summer months of August and September.

The very fact that everyone heads to the mountains during the summer alleviates pressure in many salty spots.  Furthermore, the months of June and July traditionally have the lightest winds of the year.  In other words, there are not many anglers to compete with and the wind is usually not blowing.  What is wrong with that?  Many lodges have discounted rates this time of year as well.  This can be an ideal recipe for epic summer trips to the salt.

That is for real tarpon fishing. Photo By: Cody Bell

Holbox Pangas. Tarpon and Snook Transport. Photo By: David Leake

Isla Holbox – Yucatan Tarpon Fishing

One of our favorite summertime salty spots in Isla Holbox (“Hole-Bosh”), located on the far northern point on the Yucatan Peninsula.  Only a few hours north of Cancun, Holbox is a gorgeous beach paradise without all the high-powered resorts of Cancun and the Riviera Maya.  Located at the confluence of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, Holbox is also a perhaps the world’s greatest and most consistent tarpon fishery outside of the Florida Keys.

We have had incredible success on Holbox both with hard-core tarpon anglers as well as with couples looking for a stunningly gorgeous beachfront, good restaurants, and a quiet little slice of tropical heaven.  Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge is a beautiful, new, and well appointed lodge right on sea overlooking the most gorgeous white sand beach you can imagine – and only a three minute walk from town.

Gorgeous Beach in Front of Lodge. Photo By: David Leake

Tarpon fishing for the adult migratory fish in the 80 – 200 pound range is a summertime event from late May through late September.  While you do need favorable conditions to have consistent success with the big boys, and you are not fishing to laid up tarpon on the flats – the number of huge tarpon jumped as well as landed is incredible.  The baby tarpon and snook fishery is equally as impressive, and is an honest year round fishery – as well as a great alternative when conditions won’t allow for chasing the bigger fish.

For More Information contact David Leake ( and check out our web page for Isla Holbox.  Make sure to download the digital brochure as well.

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