Christmas Party and Chili Cookoff – DEC 12

Hello All!

As scary as it is, December is here, and that means two things -

One: the shop is again in full Christmas mode

Santa Poon. Photo by: Matt Jones

Two: our annual Christmas party is approaching quickly on Saturday, December 12.

This year we have changed it up a little bit! Instead of the normal catered goodies, each of the staff members will be preparing a chili of their choosing for you to judge. Since we all think our recipes are the best, we’ve decided to let you all be the judge! For those non-chili folks, we’ll have hot dogs, and very likely a fried turkey if Mr. Leake has his way.

We look forward to seeing you all!!

Santa Poon. Photo by: Matt Jones
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2 Responses to Christmas Party and Chili Cookoff – DEC 12

  1. bill Seals says:

    Well I do hope you have fried turkey. Never tasted one and I understand they are very good. Look forward to the event.

  2. jw says:

    I didn’t know you cooked! Will you be doing your special “Hormel” style chili?

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