This past weekend, Tex and I scooted down to Athens for the annual Fly Fish Texas event at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center to give our (in)famous gear seminar. After a small start (5 folks), our class grew to close to 25 or so, but I’m still unsure as to whether they came for us, or to watch the huge aquarium teeming with giant bass, catfish, gar and bowfin swimming around to the side of our projector screen. Talk about distracting when you are trying to stay on point!

Overall the event was great, with folks from all over participating -the Temple Fork Fly Rod boys were there, the House of Hardy crew, and a plethora of local fly tiers. Prior to and after our talk, Al Crise sought us out to help give free casting lessons which despite the wind was a great time, and hopefully hooked some newbies!

Another highlight was meeting Kevin Hutchinson, author of the revised Fly Fishing the Texas Hill Country – a “cult” classic, and one of Tex’s personal favorites, published by Fishhead Press. The new edition includes all of Bud Priddy’s original quips and descriptions, updated with current access info, and most notedly: GPS coordinates for every bridge crossing/access point! We were able to procure a few for the shop, and two have already made their way out the door. Now I just need to find the time to put it to use!

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  1. Lawrence Latimer

    Hi I,m fixin’ to head on down to San Marcos very soon. So far, it’s the only stream I’ve fished down there , but I was most impressed with the town and the river. I did have the pleasure of fishing one day with Kevin Hutchinson, and then I just fished my float tube for the next 3 days. I told Kevin that I would be back (hopefully) for good. Well.. I sold my house in Shawnee Mission Kansas and I’m looking to relocate somewhere in the Hill Country. I am looking forward to exploring the other rivers too, as well as attending fly fishing club meeting and events. Looks like the weather may get nice again by Friday, so I’m tired of waiting! Hopefully, I’ll be in San Marcos by Sunday. Good Fishing to all!


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