*and by “Brown Trout” I do not mean Salmo Trutta, sorry folks! What I did manage was to take a few minutes at an undisclosed location in Las Colinas on my day off  this past Thursday, and this was the prize I came away with:

Las Colinas Brown Trout - a.k.a. Smallmouth Buffalo

Las Colinas Brown Trout - a.k.a. Smallmouth Buffalo. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

Notice the wonderful scenery in the background. Truly a marvelous place to fish! But hey, you work with what you’ve got!! This guy was pushing 10 lbs, probably a tippet class world record, but with no scale, I can’t be sure!

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  1. jw

    Wow, you look so clean cut, any mother would love for her daughter to bring you home! Nice Carp, Let’s see some gar shots!

  2. Joel Hays

    Dang! That’s two known photos of you with a buff; you’re now qualified as a “buff expert” – get together a slideshow, write an article for The Drake, consult for Sage in the development of the Mucksucker series of rods, etc.
    What’s the current IGFA records for smallmouth?


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