Life is Good in Permit Land – Brochure Cover Photo

Here at Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company, we are inundated with hero shot grip and grin photos on a daily basis.  Emails containing images of happy anglers and unhappy fish come across the wire by the zillions.  This image is definitely in the top 10.

Another scenic landscape shot from Ascension Bay.

The happy angler is this particular photo is Dick Cameron.  Dick and his wife, Kaye, are the owner / operators of the Palometa Club on Ascension Bay in Mexico.  Also in the photo is Kaye (left), Kaye’s daughter (middle) and Kaye’s daughter’s buddy (right) on holiday last week.  Dick landed this 15 pounder at the moment the bikini clad threesome cruised past returning from a snorkel trip.  Couldn’t this be used somehow in a Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercial?

Another scenic landscape shot from Ascension Bay.
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