My good buddy (and Somethin’s Fishy Regular) Jeff  White sent me some AWESOME bug pics from my home waters in NE Pennsyltucky – the Delaware. Very cool insect shots, make me miss home!

A genus Stenonema male spinner - hard to identify EXACT species - notice the clear abdomen. So cool! Photo by: Jeff White

A female Steno spinner of (possibly) the same species as the previous pic. White abdomen instead of clear. Photo by: Jeff White

My favorite Mayfly - the Isonychia Bicolor (Slate Drake or Trout Crack), with a steno spinner above it on the leaf. They'll ALWAYS eat an Iso! Photo by: Jeff White

An Isonychia dun that didn't quite make it. Photo by: Jeff White

A Isonychia female dun in the missionary position. Little does she know that she'll be on top later. Photo by: Jeff White

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