It’s Bass Season!

This bass was caught on Saturday night at Lake Fork. Photo courtesy of Paul Mecca

I have received numerous reports over the past week of bass either moving up to create beds, or already have made them. Kevin VanDam actually won the Bassmaster Classic by fishing to spawning fish two weekends ago. This excites me. A lot. For those of you that remember last March and the disgusting cold fronts it brought with it, I can only hope that doesn’t happen again. If the weather is consistent and continues to climb in temperature, we are due for some incredible pre-spawn and spawn bass fishing!

That being said, I have put together a list of my top ten bass flies (not including the clouser minnow) for the upcoming months.

Top Ten Bass Flies:

  1. Grim Reaper
  2. Olive or Black Krystal Bugger – Size 4
  3. Olive or Black Meat Whistle
  4. Cruiser – Shad
  5. Midnight Mullet
  6. Geezus Lizard
  7. Pike Snake – All colors
  8. Trash Skimmer – Baby Bass & Golden Shiner
  9. Deep Swimming Frog
  10. Swimming Frog
  11. Clouser Minnow – this should always be in your box!

These are all patterns we have had success with in the months leading up to the summer season. With exception to the Swimming Frog, I prefer to throw all of these flies on an intermediate sinking line, such as the Scientific Angler Streamer Express. If you don’t have a sinking line, go with the Scientific Angler Bass Bug taper — you need a line that will easily turn over big, heavy flies.

All of these flies are available at the shop or online. We typically sell this lineup of flies quickly as everyone is itching to get out to fish. Be sure and get them now!

Happy Bassin!