Japanese Tuna Boat Wreck. St. Francois Island. Photo by: David Leake

Worried About Piracy in Seychelles?  Don’t Be…

It is impossible to accurately describe a trip to Seychelles.  There is simply nothing that compares with the beauty, uniqueness, and sensational flats fishing.  We have collectively visited Alphonse Island five times, on both inspection and hosted trips, since 2004, and we would love to share our experiences.  Tailwaters is now one of the leading agents representing the Alphonse Island Resort – there is nobody in the States more qualified to orchestrate a trip to this world class destination.

Guide Scott Keller and Dink G.T.

Regarding Piracy in Seychelles…

Unfortunately, nearly all Seychelles related discussions these days include talk of Somali pirates.  It is not surprising so many folks have these concerns, but everyone should know that there has not been a piracy incident of any kind in Seychellois waters in over a year and a half.  The last act of piracy in Seychelles was in April 2009 (an ill advised British couple was sailing their private yacht in out-island waters deemed unsafe at the time).  No piracy has ever occurred within hundreds of miles from Alphonse since Somali pirates began causing trouble outside their normal stomping grounds in the Gulf of Aden.  Also note 95% of all Indian Ocean pirate activity occurs off the African Coast – over 1000 miles from Seychelles.  The international community, including the U.S., France, Russia and China has also stepped up aerial and maritime patrols for pirates in Seychellois waters – further deterring piracy in Seychelles.

Most noteworthy, the Alphonse Island Resort is a land-based operation with little value to Somali Pirates.  The region is also way too risky a target.  The island is equipped with radio, and airstrip, and has a treacherous reef system only passable by sailors familiar with the channels used to access the lagoon.  Furthermore, airplanes, supply boats, and commercial fishermen frequent the waters around Alphonse.  Pirates who enjoy the solitude and stealth of the open seas are very uncomfortable with this traffic, and simply cannot go undetected in the region.

David Carroum and standard Seychelles bonefish.

I would be happy to visit with anyone anxious about visiting Seychelles because of the perceived threat of piracy at Alphonse.  We are in continuous communication with the island and are always updated per the latest news on the matter.  We would never send our clients anywhere remotely shady – and consider our fishing program on Alphonse a secure and safe destination.

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