One of my recent and long term projects for Tailwaters is to capture an image of every single fly that we have in stock.  We will be using these images for various use, the internet and destination outfitting guides are among many.  Yesterday, it came to my attention that my images may be of use to some of you that tie a lot.  Looking back, I remember always trying to find good, quality images to use as a guide for tying various patterns.  Whether it was a step by step photo collage, or just a single image, I could never find anything.  This may not be the case anymore as I really haven’t tied for a few years now.  To the point…

I have an online photo gallery of hi-res images of many fly patterns we carry here at Tailwaters.  I will continue to add images as the project progresses.  Feel free to browse them for your use.  Also, our part time employee, Ron Foster, heads fly tying lessons each Saturday morning at the shop.  I have scheduled to photograph tying sessions for step by step instructional use.  If there are any patterns that you would like to see tied, please email us or leave a comment!

Mini Carona Toad.  Photo by: Matt Jones

Mini Corona Toad. Photo by: Matt Jones

My online photo gallery is HERE at Matt Jones Stock Photography.