Mayfly Monday Pics

My good buddy (and Somethin’s Fishy Regular) Jeff  White sent me some AWESOME bug pics from my home waters in NE Pennsyltucky – the Delaware. Very cool insect shots, make me miss home!


Brazos Bushwhacking

Brent, Matt and I went out to the Brazos River below Possum Kingdom Dam on the 11th, and while we didn’t whack a ton of stripers as we had intended, we certainly had a good time walking through eye-high brush and watching carp fly by us in the shallo […]

Hexes and Carp and Bass – Oh my!

On my last few days off, I’ve spent some time prowling the flats on Lake Ray Roberts, chasing carp around. The Hexes are out (hexagenia limbata, most likely, possibly with some rigida thrown in here), and I’ve seen some CRAZY behavior from everything […]

American Heritage Fly Fishing Tour Journal

We are back! After a week in the Catskill Region of New York state, our distinguished group of fisherman have returned! The group comprised of Dennis Burns (of Redfish fame), Phil Napolitan from Spring Valley Anglers, John Middleton from Duke, Ra […]

Finally! Trout Fishing!! Part 1

After a long, trout-sparse January filled only with reports from Brent Boone about the amazing fishing I was missing in Chile, I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to a quality weekend outside of the Metroplex, and finally, it happened!

My partners […]