Nice Product Placement….

My good hunting and fishing buddy Jeff shot a very nice 5 x 5 Idaho elk this past archery season, and much to my pleasure was sporting our team colors on his way out. Obviously we love getting photos of friends from the shop with fish, but feel fre […]

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Sorry for the delay in this post, but things have been hectic here in Dallas, including the temperatures!

I was fortunate enough, the first week of June to head up to Black Canyon Anglers in Austin, Colorado for a much needed trout trip on the Gunni […]

More Great Times in Chile!

Hola Amigos!
Cuarta poste de Chile

Our guests arrived safely in Balmaceda on Saturday..only one delayed bag, which made it by that evening. After a wonderful dinner and a good night sleep everyone was ready for a big day of fishing.

My fishin […]