The 2nd annual Palometa club permit tournament benefitting BTT and the school children of Punta Allen is off to a howling start. Our 7 teams arrived in to Punta Allen this past weekend from all over the US and 2 anglers came all the way down from Canada. These 13 anglers have gathered for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to catch PERMIT! For some of the tourney participants, if this mission is achieved, will be their first. For some of the more salty anglers, these numbers caught this week will just add to their double digits, multiplying their stories of successfully tricking and catching this elusive and often frustrating fish. Here to document and capture the week’s festivities is Tailwater’s photographer professional, Matt Jones.


Along with two of Patagonia’s top guys, this year’s tournament, boasts for the first time, 2 female anglers, one being TX redfish guide and doctor, Ellen Hatridge and the other me, TW’s ambassador and Tournament director, Meredith McCord.
Team 1: Ellen Hatridge & Abbas Adam
Team 2: Mark Harbaugh & Mike Thompson
Team 3: Steve Burrow & Meredith McCord
Team 4: Rockne Onstad & Steve Outerbridge
Team 5: Jeff Kozak & Brad Edwards.
Team 6: Jared Louviere & Barrett Clark
Team 7: Jim Easterling – SOLO ANGLER. (Who just landed a 14.6lbs bonefish in the Bahamas last month).


The last 2 days of pre-fishing have been designated as wild card fishing days due to the forecasted weather coming in this week. Winds have already made their presence known blowing 20-30 across the permit flats. Alas, The club guides have done an exceptional job putting us all on fish. By the conclusion of yesterday’s fishing day, 2 permit had been landed and 5 broken off. Patagonia guys, Mark and Mike, are currently in the lead with 316 points for their 2 19″ and 21″ permits. Spirits remain high every afternoon, as we return home to the Palometa Club and Dick and Kaye (owners) for an evening festivities filled with an abundance of margaritas, beers, ceviche and ring toss. The talented girls at the PC, spice up our nights with their infamous home-made habanero salsa that is sure to light up even the toughest of men.

photo pclub_14-3241 pclub_14-3098

Last night’s dinner concluded with the 2nd PC permit tournament Calcutta. Dick and I hosted with event and with all anglers participating in both Angling Team Calcutta and Guide team Calcutta, raised over $3100, majority of which will go towards BTT and the school children of PT.