Rod Building 101 – Intro

Over 30 years ago a man named Norm Goheen began hosting a rod building class at his home in Garland, Texas. Norm was quite a character. He had big pork-chop side burns, a booming voice, and a real knack for telling tall tales. Norm also had a knack for teaching the disappearing art of rod building and repair. Over the years, he taught countless amateurs in his converted garage, and he did it with gusto.
In December of 2009 Norm passed away after hard fought battle with cancer. We lost a dear friend, an inspiring teacher, and an unrivaled wealth of fly fishing knowledge. Over the last year, a devoted group of rod builders have kept Norm’s Wednesday night tradition alive in my garage. With the memory of Norm’s teaching, and a whole lot of trial and error, the group is always embarking on new building and repair projects – and I intend document them all. Over the next few weeks I will be writing about one of our newcomers and detail the stages of her first rod build. Stay tuned…

For more on Norm Goheen and the history of the class…

Norm in his element.

Norm in his element.

Norm in his element.

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I was born in small town on the Texas coast and was raised in the Dallas
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  1. Julia says:

    Nice job, Travis. Norm would appreciate the story, and I am glad we are continuing Norm’s tradition. Wish Brother Mike would join us, because I miss him, too.

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