I did a little fishing this weekend and boy did it feel good. On Saturday I went out to some private water with Tailwaters’ customer, Jonathan Allred. The weather was perfect and we caught a ton of nice crappie and a few bass. There were definitely signs of these bass about to spawn, however, no fish were locked onto beds but they were being made.

Yesterday was also pretty productive (not for me) as few buddies of mine (Paul & Joe) took me out on Lake Fork. As we expected, the spawn had started. With the temperatures rising and the full moon this weekend, fish had started to push up to the banks to make babies. In fact, we saw multiple fish engaged in the courtship routine, and for those of you that have fished to these, you know that they flat out won’t eat. I was the only one on the boat throwing a fly rod, Paul and Joe were flipping plastics. I’m sad to say that the fly rod failed me yesterday, or should I say that I failed myself? Either way, I didn’t get any takers. It was still fun to make presentations to multiple bass over 6 pounds. My friends did do very well with their conventional gear. I’m determined to catch my largest fly caught bass at Fork, I will just have to continue to get out there and give it my all.

I have more photos from this weekend on my personal blog, http://theflyphoto.com/blog

If anyone else has some spawn success to share, please email your photos and reports to us! tailwaters@tailwatersflyfishing.com