Fishpond Pitchfork Aluminum Clipper

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The Fishpond Pitchfork Aluminum Clippers

The Fishpond Pitchfork Aluminum Clippers


The Fishpond Pitchfork Aluminum Clippers Break the traditional mold, we wanted to radically change the design of probably the most often-used tool in fishing. The result is a patented product that’s become the most performance-driven  clipper on the market.


  • Aerospace grade, tubular aluminum body
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Precision aligned, razor-sharp cutting edges
  • Patented, ergonomic design

Note: Stainless steel blades will rust in saltwater, so treatment with a rust inhibitor and lubricant before use is essential. Don’t forget to rinse and treat again after use.

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