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Custom Fly Selections

Get all the flies, leaders, and tippet you  need for your trip and save $$$ and time.

We have designed destination specific fly and terminal tackle selections for nearly all of the operations we represent worldwide. Included in these unique packages are handpicked and species specific fly assortments, as well as the option to add-on all of the leaders and tippet required for the trip.

Significant Discounts:

The flies are packaged neatly in a free logoed fly box ready for to hit the water. This is an opportunity to take advantage of a convenient method to acquire all the flies you need for your trip at a significant discount.

Based on Firsthand Experience & Guide Interviews:

Our fly selections are based upon firsthand experience as well as the input from the top guides at all the destinations we represent. We assure you that you will not be bogged down with too many flies or the incorrect patterns! Furthermore, our fly selections are generic enough that your flies will have an application on future trips…regardless of the destination.

Full & Half Week Packages:

We offer both full week trip selections as well as shorter trip (3-4 days fishing) selections. We have allotted certain quantities of flies based upon their importance relative to your exact destination.

NOTE:  We will occasionally substitute alternative fly patterns based upon availability at the shop, but more often seasonality of your specific trip dates. 

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2 Item(s)

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