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Latest airport security and carry-on regulations:
Make sure to educate yourself on the latest rules and regulations pertaining to airport security and baggage allowances.  If you have not traveled recently, it is especially important for you to obtain specific information related to carry-on luggage.  Relatively new rules pertaining to storage and quantities of liquids and toiletries are only a few examples of precautions we must adhere to. Certain airports worldwide also have their own rules and required procedures we must be aware of.  This information is readily available at both the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website as well as the Department of State websites as follows:    

Center for Disease Control and Prevention:  
-Offers information about disease outbreaks & recommended inoculations in foreign countries   
Weather Underground:
      -Our favorite international weather prediction resource
Exchange Rates Calculator:   
Electric Outlet Information:
      -Great resource for determining foreign outlets, voltage, and adapters
Aircraft Seating Arrangements:
Country Calling Codes:
      -Great resource for learning how to call one country to another
Time Zone Converter:
      -Easily convert between different time zones

Fishing Licenses

Purchase fishing license online:
Take the hassle out of purchasing fishing licenses and do it online! Follow the links below to purchase a license for your next vacation.

Texas Fishing License
Oklahoma Fishing License
New Mexico Fishing License
Colorado Fishing License
Wyoming Fishing License
Idaho Fishing License
Montana Fishing License
Alaska Fishing License
Arkansas Fishing License


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Conservation / Environmental:

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