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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance


Given the inherent strict refund policies associated with nearly all fishing packages, we cannot stress the importance of obtaining some form of travel insurance to protect your investment.

Travelers can obtain coverage for pre-existing health problems (related to yourself, your family, business partners, or your traveling partners), emergency evacuation, lost baggage, delay; even “no questions asked” or “for work reasons” coverage.  

Upon booking a trip with Tailwaters, we will provide you with more detailed information about travel insurance from our sponsored providers, Travel Guard and Global Rescue. Travel Guard's Great Outdoors Travel Insurance Plan is tailor made for traveling anglers and we can also write customized policies ("My Travel Guard") to accommodate your trip’s specific circumstances. We have been very impressed with their services and feel confident they offer the best (and hassle free) coverage in the business.

To learn more about pricing and policy details for the Great Outdoors Plan CLICK HERE to download the digital brochure.

Note: In order to qualify for maximum available coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, you must buy your travel insurance policy within fifteen days of making your initial trip deposit! 

How to buy a policy from Travel Guard?

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Option #1:  Allow us to do it for you:  We can generate a quote or book a policy on your behalf from our desktop after answering a few simple questions. All we need is your legal name, date of birth and travel dates. You don’t need to fill out any paperwork – we will take care of it and send you a confirmation.

Option #2:Click on the logo to the right:  You can navigate to our Travel Guard link to the right and complete your insurance application and pay for your premium directly.

Global Rescue Travel Insurance:

While Travel Guard does provide emergency evacuation coverage inclusive of their broader medical and cancellation policies, many of our clients elect to invest in additional evacuation coverage with Global Rescue.  You can purchase an annual membership, or simply make sure you are properly insured for your next trip.  To learn more and to book your own policy with Global Rescue, please click on the image to the right:

If you have any Travel Insurance Questions or are ready to buy a policy,
contact David Leake at the shop by email:
or by phone at: (214) 219-2500

A Word About Lodge/Operator Policy & Cancellations

Depending upon the policies applicable to your destination, odds are you will not qualify for any sort of refund or credit in the event you must cancel your trip… Please understand that most lodges and fishing outfits capitalize their services (payroll, fuel, food, etc.) with your deposited funds. While it is often impossible to fill your reserved space with limited notice, your money is also already reinvested in preparation for hosting your vacation. For this reason, it is often very difficult for any operator to issue a refund.

We will go to bat for you to in an effort to recoup your investment; however we can certainly not make any promises. Invariably, Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company ends up looking like the bad guy if we are unsuccessful in this effort. By owning proper insurance coverage we can avoid any uncomfortable conversations, maintain a healthy relationship, take care of our lodges, and guarantee your hard-earned money is not at risk.