Zhupanova River Float Trips

The Zhupanova River is perhaps the most beautiful and scenic river on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Its close proximity to Petropavlovsk (one hour by helicopter) and its huge rainbows might make it the most popular river on the peninsula. The average trout living in the Zhupanova is a solid 25 inches! Later in the season, around the first week of August, huge white spotted char known as Khundza arrive, which average around 27 inches. Some of these vivacious critters easily bust 35 inches and are a rod-breaking fight on a seven-weight. Of course there are also enormous runs of all five species of salmon (particularly the silver or coho). However most anglers soon discover that they’re in search of the huge rainbows and don’t pay much attention to the salmon. Also found in excessive numbers are aggressive Dolly Varden that are easy to catch. These fish will grab a mouse or flesh fly with abandon and their coloration make for good photos.

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Kamchatka Kandy Video

Many thanks to Ryan Youngblood and Tito West for producing this sexy video, Kamchatka Kandy.

Shot on location on the Zhupanova River this past summer for the Tailwaters hosted trip with Travis Moore. Also many thanks to Gwen and Gary Sitton for making it happen! Well done, guys.

More of Ryan and Tito’s work can be seen on their websites here: Youngblood Films & Tito West Photography