Kristian Cole

About Kristian Cole

Kristian Cole started part-time in January 2016 and has since evolved into one of our most critical team leaders wearing many hats. In addition to his knowledgeable and enthusiastic presence on the sales floor, Kristian takes the lead with outfitting our travel business clients. Kristian is a fine casting instructor, and also helps teach at our schools and clinics, along with heading our fly tying department. With a passion for incredible customer service, Kristian is also working into a more solidified role in our travel department. Before coming on board our staff, Kristian spent a ton of time fishing on the Texas Coast while attending Texas A&M Corpus Christi before moving back to his hometown in Dallas. While Kristian enjoys local bass fishing with friends and clients, he has also gained a ton of experience frequenting one of our favorite lodges, The Palometa Club, along with spending time in the Bolivian jungle. With more international experience soon to come, Kristian is ready to help you plan, and gear up for your next Tailwaters Adventure!

Sketchy Boat Ramps, Unfamiliar Territory, and Smallmouth Bass


Sketchy Boat Ramps, Unfamiliar Territory, and Smallmouth Bass Author: Brian Buford & Kristian Cole Photography By: Ryan Blair of GOFLYJA After weeks on the road, the boys from the fly fishing film tour passed the baton on Costa Del Mar’s custom Adipose, which was sched [...]

Sketchy Boat Ramps, Unfamiliar Territory, and Smallmouth Bass2022-05-02T17:20:44-05:00

Alaska Steelhead Company [Trip Report]


Alaska Steelhead Company Trip Report by: Kristian Cole Photography by: Justin Jantz Kristian Cole recently returned from an R&D familiarization trip to visit the Alaska Steelhead Company on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. He was completely blown away by the overall expe [...]

Alaska Steelhead Company [Trip Report]2020-10-20T10:44:17-05:00