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Outfitting for Seychelles 2011


Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co. is sending their first group of 2011 to the Alphonse Island Resort this month. We have been preparing equipment for this group for the last few weeks, all of which includes: rods, reels, line, and of course flies! By standard protocol, all Tailwaters [...]

Outfitting for Seychelles 20112018-02-20T16:05:26-06:00

Louisiana Redfish, Non-Blackened.


Just over a week ago, I had the pleasure of heading down to Port Sulphur, LA to FINALLY complete a Redfish trip that had been planned since January. Then re-booked due to weather. Then again due to weather. Then again due to weather. Then due to oil. My fishing partner Paul Wha [...]

Louisiana Redfish, Non-Blackened.2016-06-28T12:57:26-05:00

When fishing guides have too much free time…


My real good buddy and Somethin's Fishy regular Jeff (el Jefe) White sent me this photo today - it is of a Tailwaters T that I gave him recently. Other than being awesome, I do question when he has the time for such hippie-esq tasks, as he should be on the Delaware River guidin [...]

When fishing guides have too much free time…2016-06-28T12:50:54-05:00

Ron & Brent’s Alaska Wilderness Adventure


Ron Foster and I just returned from an incredible trip to Unalakleet River Lodge in Unalakleet, Alaska.  Unalakleet is a small Eskimo Village located on Hudson Sound 400 miles Northwest of Anchorage.  We were invited by lodge owners Jeff and Sally Appel to visit the lodge to ha [...]

Ron & Brent’s Alaska Wilderness Adventure2018-02-20T16:05:28-06:00

Seychelles 2009 – Brent’s Journal


This time of year traveling is a bitch....our original itinerary was to leave Dallas at 3:20 for a one hour flight to Houston and a 6:30 departure for Dubai.  Well, after sitting on the runway in Dallas for two hours and multiple sub-plots in between, we finally left Dallas at [...]

Seychelles 2009 – Brent’s Journal2018-02-20T16:05:29-06:00

Brent & David in the Seychelles


Well, word has finally trickled in from the far side of the globe, and David and Brent have successfully made it to the Seychelles for the start of our hosted trip. We will hopefully have a few updates as the trip progresses, with a full report to follow once they return! [...]

Brent & David in the Seychelles2018-02-20T16:05:29-06:00

Massive Louisiana Redfish with SoCo…..


About a week ago, two of our favorite fishing buddies went to Louisiana to chase Bull Reds, and had quite a time. Dr. (he didn't go to 6 years of evil medical school to be called "Mr." thank you) Dennis Burns and Bill Seals. Here is the report from Dennis, and a few mind-blowin [...]

Massive Louisiana Redfish with SoCo…..2018-02-20T16:05:29-06:00

Fly Fish Texas 2009


This past weekend, Tex and I scooted down to Athens for the annual Fly Fish Texas event at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center to give our (in)famous gear seminar. After a small start (5 folks), our class grew to close to 25 or so, but I'm still unsure as to whether they came [...]

Fly Fish Texas 20092018-02-20T16:05:29-06:00

Finally! Trout Fishing!! Part 1


After a long, trout-sparse January filled only with reports from Brent Boone about the amazing fishing I was missing in Chile, I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to a quality weekend outside of the Metroplex, and finally, it happened! My partners in crime on this adventure to [...]

Finally! Trout Fishing!! Part 12016-06-28T12:24:37-05:00

Heeeeeee’s Back!


Brent has returned to us from the wilds of South America, so we will have him make a full, overview-style report on his amazing trip to Chile! Guest appearances by the Spring Valley Angler boys should also add an interesting flavor to the overall story! Check back soon! [...]

Heeeeeee’s Back!2009-01-28T21:55:08-06:00

Carp Chasin’ in Fort Worth


Sunday I managed to sneak away from Dallas to fish in the quiet glory of South Fort Worth, to hunt for the Golden Bonefish. With me in this adventure were Matt Jones of Tailwaters and photography fame, and Carp guide extraordinaire Joel Hays. The conditions could not be more pe [...]

Carp Chasin’ in Fort Worth2009-01-27T16:44:20-06:00

Chile Update #2 from Brent!


Hola Amigos! Sorry for the delayed posts, but you can't believe where I've been the past few days. I have been in the wildest country on the planet, and experienced true Patagonia! I've been eating lamb with the locals, drinking yerba matte, and watched a 60-year old woman spin [...]

Chile Update #2 from Brent!2009-01-10T13:44:04-06:00

Lessons on “Graphite”


Or, more correctly - carbon fibre (I like the British spelling). This morning I gave a lesson to Dick Murtland, a golf-club guru with Adams Golf, who has done more with the manufacturing carbon fibre and shaft making than anyone I know (or have heard of). First and foremost, ou [...]

Lessons on “Graphite”2009-01-08T17:26:47-06:00

Brent Update!


Brent has been incommunicado, but here is what we know: Yesterday he caught one of the largest trout of his life - a 30" brown. Not sure whether streamer or dry caught, you never know with that place!!! He will have internet connectivity tonight, so hopefully we will have some [...]

Brent Update!2018-02-20T16:05:32-06:00