Co worker Corey and I visited a local pond earlier this week to check out some bass fishing.  This pond has a reputation for holding bass up to 8 lbs and the common catch is around 3lbs.  We strapped the trolling motor to the small boat, grabbed some cold beer, and started to cruise around.  For gear, I was using my Scott SAS 5wt/Hatch 5 Plus/Triangle Taper, and Corey had a Scott HP 8wt/Hatch 7 Plus/Rio Outbound.

The first thing I noticed was the overwhelming amount of grass this tank had.  With the average depth at about 6ft, the grass was only leaving 2ft of space from the surface.  Our only option was to throw at the shoreline, or at the few areas with no grass.  We threw a variety of flies, anything from baitfish patterns to big bunny flies and just couldn’t get a hit.  As the sun sank we decided it was time for some topwater action, not having any indication that a bass would even come to the surface.  My choice of fish food was swimming frog and Corey went with a black diving bug.

We simply cast in every direction covering as much water as possible.  My first fish attacked the surface about two feet off of the bank…just a dinker.  From that point on, Corey and I continued to catch fish after fish on the surface, most of which were just under 2lbs.   Corey’s last fish of the night was the biggest of the night, just shy of 3 lbs.  It was great getting out and getting some topwater action from these spawning fish!