Brent, Matt and I went out to the Brazos River below Possum Kingdom Dam on the 11th, and while we didn’t whack a ton of stripers as we had intended, we certainly had a good time walking through eye-high brush and watching carp fly by us in the shallower parts of the river. We couldn’t get shots off at them fast enough, unfortunately. Matt did bring both SLRs with him – one in an underwater housing, the other on the tripod. While we didn’t get to shoot any fish porn, we still had the opportunity to play a bit – see below for a few shots from the trip (ok, more than a few).

It was the first time there for any of us, and we definitely liked what we saw. Initially, my inner bug-geek went bonkers. We stepped down into a side channel, and within seconds a Baetis dun came floating by me. Not only that, but TONS of tiny Trico spinners were bouncing around above the surface, just like you’d see on the Missouri. Crazy for this time of year, but absolutely AWESOME for me to see. I’ll stop now before I get more carried away…..

The cooler weather that had rolled in over the last few days had likely knocked the fish down a bit, but Matt caught what initially looked like a Smallmouth, but was more likely a Spotted Bass, and I caught another guy not too dissimilar down stream. Definitely a new species for me, and that is always cool!

We moved downstream to where Rt. 16 crosses the Brazos as a wonderful stone arch bridge – georgeous architecture. We were able to peer down into the water below, and saw a 30+ pound carp swimming around, with 3 bass pushing 2-lb each in tow. Matt scooted down to the bank to take a shot, but he got a bit deep, and we lost our opportunity. Still, the spotting and watching was a blast….if Matt could only get his act together….. j/k

The highlight of the trip, without a doubt was our ‘streamside’ brunch while we listened to the Cowboys game on the old AM radio. A mantra I lived and died by while guiding was this, “You can’t control the fishing, but you sure can control what you’re eating!” It definitely paid off in spades as Matt (fresh off his cooking/guiding exploits in AK) and Brent put together a little burrito feast of scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage and brats. Solid win for the team, and I trip I will definitely repeat in the near future!