Sunday I managed to sneak away from Dallas to fish in the quiet glory of South Fort Worth, to hunt for the Golden Bonefish. With me in this adventure were Matt Jones of Tailwaters and photography fame, and Carp guide extraordinaire Joel Hays.

The conditions could not be more perfect – light breezes (if any), the sun high in the sky with cobalt blue all around. Just as a little bit of icing on the cake, the water was about 6″ lower than the last time Joel and I headed that way, exposing the flats even more – all that we needed was to start shooting at all the huge tails we were sure to see. Did I say “sure?” Perhaps a poor choice of words.

Upon arrival, we noticed that we were not alone – about a dozen bait slingers were already  on scene, attempting to nab the elusive native (read: stocked) Rainbow Trout found in the Trinity River. We were able to see one of these that had become Heron food, but that was all. After some serious stalking, we quickly realized that we were excellent at creeping up on ducks(as evidenced by the dozen or so mallards that scared the living crap out of us as they flew out from under the bank), and that ducks do an excellent job creating muds similar to those that Carp make.

We managed to “see” two fish, but only flashes of their bodies, so getting a bead on them was not the easy task we anticipated. Needless to say, it was a low percentage game, and we definitely finished with nothing to show except a bit of a sun tan.

All that doom and gloom being said, we discovered exactly WHY we had a lack of luck – we carried not only a very, very nice camera, but a landing net as well. Instead of the two jinxes negating each other, there was a multiplication factor. Live and learn, live and learn.