You can now order a custom Abel Reel on their website, in partnership with Tailwaters Fly Fishing, by using this link.  You can choose whether you want the reel shipped directly to your home (with any other products you might be looking for), or come pick it up at our store in Dallas, Texas.


If you know your fly fishing reels, you know about Abel’s 25 years of attention to detail, quality, and the sheer beauty of their product.  Over the last couple years they’ve they’ve started producing beautiful hand-anodized reels, nippers, and pliers with custom colors and options including fish patterns and with logos.   Keep in mind that every single reel or tool is hand anodized.  The means the aluminum is dyed in an electromagnetic bath -not painted or powdercoated!   Anodizing means that it will look good for life.

Reels and other tools can be a single color, you can mix and match colors, or you can order one of dozens of possible options for custom prints.  Graphics are offered in a wide variety of fresh and salt water fish patterns as well as several other artistic designs.

Check out their site to see dozens of options.


To order, simply complete your transaction on the Abel Reels Site.  Then choose how you want it shipped.  At this screen, you can choose if you want it shipped directly to home from Abel or if you’d like to come to our store in Dallas, even if we ship it to your with another order from our online store.


Abel has also come out with custom anodized versions of their Pliers and Hemostats as well.  We’d be happy to order a set of these for you as well, just give us a call!   As of right now, pliers can bee seen on the Abel Reels Facebook page.   Both of these should be on their site shortly!

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