Super friend and loyal supporter, Ron Gard, invited me to his stellar property east of town for some serious bass fishing action on Friday.  It is gorgeous Spring mornings on the bass pond that help remind me why living in Texas is not all that bad.  Is there anything more pleasant and fresh than an April morning in East Texas?  Dogwoods blooming, green grass, turkeys gobbling, and a gorgeous bluebird day.

When we pulled in the yard we were greeted by a few dozen tree ducks and wood ducks all pairing up and/or nesting in the boxes in the yard.  As Ron opened the cab to his Suburban, a pack of dogs ranging in size from Labrador to Jack Russell piled out of the truck – happy to be back on their familiar weekend retreat.

Fresh off of shoulder surgery, Ron was more interested in guiding me than doing any fishing of his own.  He putted me around one of his several lakes, Lake Emma, until lunch time.  We managed to avoid tying on anything other than a black popper and landed 20-25 gorgeous bass from 2 – 7 pounds.  My personal best was a 7.5 pounder.

After fishing, Ron toured me throughout his stunning property checking out all of his wetland improvements and other lakes and ponds.  This place is a waterfowlers’ and bass fisherman’s dream.  I certainly cannot wait to get back – and I will be sure to invite myself out there again soon!  Ha!  Thanks again for a great day, Ron.  Tons of fun as always.