The first report from Brent:

Hola mi Amigos!!!

I arrived safely in Coyhaique after a 10 hour flight to Santiago and a 2 hour lay over in the busiest airport ever!! Next was the three hour flight to Balmaceda, and when I arrived I knew the wind was blowing because we landed on one wheel and after about 400 yards the other wheel finally touched.  I thought the wind blew in the Texas Panhandle……that’s not wind.  The locals say Balmaceda is the windiest place on earth, and they are probably right!

After a beautiful autobus transfer to Coyhaique I arrived at my hotel (El Reloj).  From what I can gather this is the best hotel in Town – only 18 rooms but very nice and clean, and the views are incredible!  They have a restaurant in the hotel that is fantastico!

The country side is amazing….lots of sheep and cattle ranches…beautiful rolling hills with tall grass.

The town of Coyhaique is in a beautiful valley but is what you would expect of a town with 30,000 people.  Not alot of money but also no poverty.  Typical of Latin America, no one mows their lawns or paints their houses regularly.  The Centro de la Ciudad is very nice…centered around a very nice park, the shopping is endless.

There are also more stay dogs here than I’ve ever seen….I bet I’ve taken pictures of at least 20 dogs over the past two days.

The people are very friendly…no one speaks English but the past 3 months of spanish classes are paying off.  I actually translated for 2 Americans last night in the restaurant!!!!

Skip Mullen of (Nic Fin Outfitters) is picking me up in about and hour, and  I will be out of touch for a few days (no internet access).  But rest assured I will have lots to report when you here from me next.  Skip told me yesterday that his average brown trout is 6 lbs.!!!!!!!!!!  Holy Sh** I can’t wait!