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Gunnison River, Southern Colorado

    Black Canyon Anglers Overview

    The Black Canyon of the Gunnison River, located in west-central Colorado has become synonymous with “The Hatch” – an epic few weeks of hatching stoneflies that bring monstrous trout to the surface to feed. Sprinkle in a bit of white-water rafting, and the amazing beauty of the canyon itself – you will experience a wonderful sense of isolation as you fish a river that is seems to be completely your own. Combine this and a three day, two night trip with Black Canyon Anglers and this experience becomes something truly memorable!

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    Located just outside of Montrose, Colorado, Black Canyon Anglers have been floating anglers down the Gunnison since 1985, making them the oldest operator on the river. They specialize in 4-8 angler wilderness float fishing through the canyon with amentized tent camps. Their three-day float programs perfectly dialed in, which allows you to not worry about anything other than fishing. While on the river you stay in tents on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) camping areas, finishing the day with gourmet meals such as grilled salmon and steak, waking up to a hot breakfast – the perfect way to get the day started.

    The Canyon boasts a great array of fishing opportunities – float fishing with huge attractor patterns from the boat, wade fishing with nymphs, streamer fishing with aggressive takes, and traditional dry-fly action as well. The Gunnison has one of the highest per-mile fish counts in the world, boasting 7,000 fish per mile. Although Brown Trout are the predominant species, there are still plenty of huge Rainbows to be caught, especially when the stoneflies are flittering about.

    A typical trip begins with an overnight stay at their wonderful lodge on the banks of the Gunnison, downstream from the Canyon. A working peach farm and vineyard, the lodge is an amazing oasis in the typically arid high-desert of Gunnison County, Colorado. Accommodations include several old mining shacks moved to the property from Telluride, retrofitted with private baths and single beds – and of course a high-backed rocking chair! After an early morning breakfast, you head out to the trailhead and hike down to the boat launch and begin your adventure. With the best accommodations, most knowledgeable and experience guides on the river you are sure to have the best Black Canyon experience imaginable!

    Check out the trailor for the highly acclaimed film, “The Hatch”, and contact us to learn more about Black Canyon Anglers.

    2012 RATES

    1 Day Float: $1200 per boat (2 anglers per boat)

    2 Day Float: $2800 per boat (2 anglers per boat)

    3 Day Float: $3400 per boat (2 anglers per boat)

    Optional Gear Boats:
    2 Day Float: $1400
    3 Day Float: $1700

    Gear Boats are an optional extra charge to pay for an extra guide to row an extra boat. This boat will carry all the camp gear and the guide will perform most of the camp chores. This provides more room in your boat and also frees up your personal boat guide to spend more time with you fishing.

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