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Manitoba & Nunavut Border

    Nueltin Fly-In Lodges (Pike) Overview

    Way, Way Up There..!

    Nueltin Lake lies on the northern border of the Canadian Provinces of Manitoba and Nunavut. Nueltin’s private airstrip is located eight hundred miles north of Winnipeg, just south of the Arctic Circle. Nueltin’s facilities are accessible only by air and located hundreds of miles from the pressures of civilization.

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    Massive Fishery & Totally Exclusive…

    They are the only lodge operating exclusively in an enormous 14,000 square mile concession. It is impossible to conceive how large a fishing area to which Nueltin has access. Anglers mostly fish Nueltin Lake itself; however they also have the opportunity to fly out on one of the lodge’s float planes to one of hundreds of smaller lakes and backwaters in the region. The majority of the fly-out destinations have not ever been fished! Both fly fishermen as well as conventional gear anglers enjoy fishing for northern pike, arctic grayling, and lake trout.

    Trophy Species & Great Fly Fishing…

    Nueltin is home to some of the world’s most productive and largest lake trout fishing in the world. Our fly fishing exclusive clients predominantly visit Nueltin for the trophy pike fishing. Thousands of miles of shoreline, backwaters, and shallow lakes provide the ultimate habitat for sight casting to huge pike often cracking the forty + inch mark. Giant lake trout on the fly are also a possibility during certain periods of the season, while grayling add a nice dry-fly friendly bonus as well.

    A Well Oiled Machine…

    Nueltin Fly-In Lodges employ a dedicated team of professionals. Vital infrastructure is in place at the lodge and at their southern staging facilities. These components make up a well-oiled machine. Our clients always comment on the efficiency and smoothness of the Nueltin operation. Their lodges boast of excellent service, comfortable & private accommodations, excellent food, great guides, and warm Canadian hospitality. Their boats and airplanes are in mint condition, and the quality of the fishing experience never disappoints. One of our clients has visited the Nueltin Fly-In Lodges over a dozen times over the last twenty years! For such a remote destination, traveling to and from the Nueltin Lakes region is actually quite simple. Guests overnight in Winnipeg, Manitoba the day prior to flying with private jet service directly to the lodge’s airstrip. Nueltin also operates a fall bear and caribou hunting program that can be combined with some fishing as well. Please inquire for hunting details.

    Nueltin Fly-In Lodges (Pike)

    You want to travel to the middle of nowhere? Nueltin Lake is located on the borders of the Canadian Provinces of Manitoba and Nunavut. It is very hard to describe the endless landscape of water, tundra, and forest surrounding the Nueltin operation. Nueltin Fly-In Lodges is owned and operated by Shawn & Amanda Gurke; the heirs of the oldest and most well respected family run wilderness fishing lodge in Northern Canada. With over 14,000 square miles of private concession, it is impossible to compare a more exclusive angling venue for trophy northern pike, lake trout, and grayling.

    Nueltin is only accessible by air and located literally hundreds of miles from the closest civilization. The fishery is made up of a gargantuan lake and river system with thousands of miles of deep lake, several river inflows and outlets, islands, shallow shorelines, and bays. The interconnected labyrinth of endless waterways is home to the best trophy pike, lake trout and grayling fishing imaginable. The Gurke family has created an incredible empire of infrastructure, luxurious lodging, boats, and airplanes that, despite the remote local, are run like a well oiled machine. Their self imposed bag limits, catch and release policy, short season, and rules governing the use of single barbless hooks have sustained this amazing fishery for years of fruitful fishing for all their guests. With two main lodges, three mini-lodges, and numerous self guided outpost camps, the Nueltin operation is the most impressive north country outfit we have found in Canada. One of our great clients in Dallas has visited the lodge 14 times and keeps going back every other season. How is that for a quality referral?

    The Fishing

    Nueltin Fly-In Lodges offer a sophisticated fishing program on the enormous fishery of the Nueltin Lake region. They have spared no expense on providing the infrastructure and equipment to access and utilize this endless fishery. Having that said, the fishery is so large that there are remote lakes, ponds, and bays that have not been fished in years… if ever at all. Combine the area’s size with the fact that the Gurke’s have exclusive access to the entire resource, and the concept of fishing pressure or educated fish is simply not relevant.

    The three species targeted at Nueltin are lake trout, grayling, and northern pike. Throughout most of the season lake trout are targeted using conventional gear and/or trolling in the deeper waters of Nueltin Lake. However, in the late season (September), lake trout can be taken in shallow water on their spawning beds. Grayling are often caught at the outlets of numerous rivers emptying into Lake Nueltin on dry flies, streamers, and nymph patterns.

    Fly Fishing for Northern Pike

    Northern Pike are the species that attract fly fishermen to Nueltin. Huge pike often longer than 40 inches cruise the shallow backwaters and bays off of the main lake and smaller lakes in the region. Using a floating line, big flies, and a 9-10 weight rod, fly casters experience consistent success sight casting to pike in the shallows. Pike are extremely aggressive and hardly weary of the boats or anglers. Shorter casts are the norm making this a great destination for beginners wanting to set down the bait caster and have instant success on the fly. The lodge uses 16-foot custom-built boats, 25 HP Mercury motors (new each season) and quality electronics. Guides are all well trained and native to the area.


    Nueltin Fly-In lodges use two major fixed lodges and a number of mini-lodges and outpost camps.

    Treeline Lodge

    The majority of our guests at Nueltin stay at the Treeline Lodge, located on a remote shore of Nueltin Lake. At the lodge you’ll enjoy private cabins with a private bath and modern facilities. You can keep in touch via satellite phone, fax & high-speed internet; shop for tackle at their well-stocked general store; and enjoy delicious homemade meals and complimentary cocktails. Another Treeline advantage is the ability to utilize their float-equipped aircraft for day or overnight adventures to otherwise inaccessible locations.

    Kasmere Lake Lodge

    Kasmere Lake is 20 miles long and located 43 miles west of the airstrip on the south end of Nueltin Lake (a 25-minute floatplane trip). Kasmere’s scenic rivers, countless weedy bays and cold deep waters are home to ferocious northern pike, huge lake trout and an abundance of scrappy arctic grayling.

    This ten-person luxury retreat features a 4,500 sq ft lodge. Five modern suites, each with its own bath, offer privacy and comfort. The dining room and lounge include A/V equipment for presentations, stereo system, satellite phone, fax and television, fireplace, fully stocked complimentary bar and high-speed Internet access. A professional kitchen & domestic staff are on hand to prepare homemade meals and tend to your every need. There’s even a fully-stocked tackle shop on-site.

    Mini Lodges

    The “mini lodges” offer clients a mix between main lodge facilities and the freedom of an outpost camp. Although no guides are available, a camp manager is there to point you in the right direction and take care of camp duties. A Nueltin chef prepares your meals, so all you need to concern yourself with is fishing. The excellent equipment at Windy River includes 16-foot aluminum boats with new 15 HP Mercury outboards and quality electronics. Of course you’ll find the standard boating equipment (landing nets, paddles, life jackets, etc.) ready for you upon arrival. Liquor, beer and essential tackle are available for sale.

    Outpost Cabins

    Nueltin Fly-In Lodges offers several remote cabins for guests looking for the ultimate wilderness experience. Make use of these locations as an overnight fly or boat out from one of the main lodges or reserve a remote cabin for your party of 4-6 adventurous guests for a five or nine day stay. Each cabin has been built to accommodate 4-6 clients. They comfortably provide a place to sleep and prepare meals. We recommend only clients experienced in the great outdoors utilize these cabins.


    Travel to Winnipeg – Charter to the Lake

    Guests first start the adventure by traveling to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Most clients travel commercially through Minneapolis / St. Paul en route. Upon arrival in Winnipeg, guests are escorted through customs and taken to a comfortable hotel for the evening. The following morning guests are transported back to the airport to board Nueltin’s turbo-prop charter for direct transfer to the Nueltin airstrip. These aircraft offer ample leg room (seat up to fifty passengers), in-flight conveniences and an accommodating flight crew. Able to make the 740 mile trip in just over two hours, these aircraft save time and allow you to get in a full day of fishing the day you arrive at the lodge. On the way out, the extra speed will get you back for your connecting flight with time to spare. Guests of Treeline Lodge are transported by boat to the lodge, while guests of the out-post camps are taken by floatplane. Travel on the way home can easily be accomplished all in one day.

    Sample Itinerary

    Nueltin Fly-In Lodges operate 5 night / 4 day & 9 night / 8 day itineraries. The following sample itinerary represents a 5 night / 4 day trip.

    Day 1

    Travel to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Most clients travel commercially through Minneapolis en route to Winnipeg. Upon arrival and after clearing customs, a representative from Nueltin Fly-In Lodges will escort your group to a local hotel for the evening. Overnight in Winnipeg at one of the lodge’s recommended hotels.

    Day 2

    After an early morning wake-up call, guests are transported back to the general aviation terminal in Winnipeg and board a private turbo-prop aircraft for the 750 mile flight up to the lodge’s main air strip. Guests are then transported directly to the lodge or accommodation of choice via boat or floatplane and begin the first full day fishing after breakfast.

    Day 3 -5 ?

    Three more full days of guided fishing at Nueltin Fly-In Lodges.

    Departure Day

    There is no guided fishing on the day of departure. Guests are returned to Winnipeg on board private jet charter back to Winnipeg in time to make commercial connections back to home city.

    When to Go

    Nueltin is open from early June through early September with cool and comfortable conditions all season long. The lodge takes advantage of the fishing by timing the opening of the lodge with the ice-off on the lake occurring in late May / early June. July is considered one of the best months for targeting northern pike on the fly, and September can be an excellent month to target lake trout in shallow water spawning.

    2012 RATES

    (based on shared room/guide)

    Treeline Lodge

    $4,595 - $5,395 Per Angler

    Mini Lodges

    $3,495 - $3,895 Per Angler

    What's Included
    Jet Charter Transport to/from Winnipeg & Nueltin Lodges; Shared Room Accommodations; Guided Fishing; Meals & Beverages (Complimentary Bar); All Applicable Taxes; Fishing License.

    What's Not Included
    Airfare to Winnipeg; Hotel Accommodations & Meals in Winnipeg night prior to morning departure to Nueltin; Guide & Staff Gratuities; Fly-Out Fishing ($375 -$500 per person / day).

    Terms & Conditions

    Tailwaters Travel must adhere to the cancellation policies of the guides, outfitters and lodges which it represents. Nueltin’s policy follows: A fully refundable 50% deposit is required to secure all reservations prior to January 1, 2011. Deposits are no longer refundable after January 2, 2012. Final balance is due May 1, 2010. Refunds of deposits/payments made on credit cards will be charged a 3.5% service charge to fully compensate Tailwaters Travel for all bank charges incurred. Receipt of deposit and/or final payment is acknowledgment that registrant has read and accepts the cancellation, refund and responsibility clauses.

    Consider Travel Insurance!

    Given the inherent strict refund policies associated with nearly all fishing packages, we cannot stress the importance of obtaining travel insurance to protect your investment. Travelers can obtain coverage for pre-existing health problems (related to yourself, your family, business partners, or your traveling partners), emergency evacuation, lost baggage, delay, life insurance packages; even “no questions asked” or “for work reasons” coverage.

    We will provide you with more detailed information about travel insurance from our sponsored provider, Travel Guard, when you book a trip with Tailwaters Travel. We can conveniently process a very comprehensive insurance policy for you in-house after asking a few simple questions.

    Call today to protect your investment: (888) 824-5420

    Please review our Policies & Cancellations section.

    Non-Angling Activities

    During the summer season, fishing is definitely the main activity at Nueltin Lake Fly-In Lodges. There are also incredible photographic and wildlife / site-seeing opportunities in the vast wilderness surrounding the lodge.

    Fall Hunting Program

    Nueltin has recently introduced a Fall Hunting program for those interested in hunting Caribou, Black Bear, Moose and Wolf. These hunts take place during September, and can easily be combined with a few days of fishing. The lake trout are on the spawn this time of year in the shallows, pike are fat and in great shape after feeding all summer, and grayling can be easily taken on the fly at the mouths of the rivers. Please inquire for hunting details

    Other Information

    Nueltin’s Resume Speaks for itself. The Gurke family has operated a flawless and resource sensitive program for decades. The following are a few bullet points about the operation and their practices worth noting

    1) A true Fly-In lake! Experience pristine wilderness hundreds of miles from the nearest road. Much of this resource has never been fished.

    2) 14,000 square miles of sport fishing paradise with over thirty inflows and one outflow on Nueltin Lake.

    3) Thousands of miles of shoreline and thousands of islands for excellent structure and fewer storm days.

    4) The only lodge operation in the entire area with self-imposed bed limits for limited pressure and no over utilization.

    5) Shortened season to avoid over pressure during vital spawning periods.

    6) The first lake in Canada to institute a catch-and-release policy. Nueltin is the most protected lake in North America since the late 1970s.

    7) The first lake in Canada to enforce barbless hooks only policy.

    8) The first lake in Canada to enforce single barbless hooks only policy.