Tailwaters’ own, Matt Jones, just returned from a three week pilgrimage in Argentina visiting our old friends with Patagonia River Guides (PRG).  While Matt is still under the hood editing photos and video, we thought it could hurt to share a few teaser images and short videos.  Explore his trip report on our blog and see first hand why Matt Jones has become one of the industry’s most reputable and professional photographers.  Believe it or not, his images don’t embellish the stunning beauty and professionalism found at all of the PRG programs!  There is no better way to experience Argentine Patagonia than with Patagonia River Guides.  From their PRG North operation at all the estancias around San Martin, to their flagship lodge at Trevelin near Esquel, or the stunning Tres Valles Lodge at Rio Pico – nobody does it better.  Whether you represent a group of buddies looking for mind blowing fishing and bird hunting, are putting together a couples trip, or want to haul down the family to explore Patagonia, you can be assured PRG is the way to go.

Matt Jones Photography Trip Report:  by Matt Jones

Three weeks in Patagonia. It was the perfect way to escape the last bit of winter here in Texas. What could be better than trout streams, hatches, streamers, big fish, endless scenic landscapes, glacier fed rivers, wine, asados, beef, lamb and much much more…? Absolutely nothing.

Our friends at Patagonia River Guides brought me down to their operation based out of Trevelin, Argentina to shoot photography for a few weeks. I had the pleasure of working alongside two other talented artists as well, Austin Treyser and Isaias Miciu. The task at hand was to shadow PRG guests and document their adventures, along with the guides, equipment used, scenery and wildlife. Basically everything that makes PRG what it is (the best operation in Patagonia, of course). Over the span of three weeks, the three of us traveled hard and documented everything in between Rio Pico to San Martin de Los Andes. For me, it is easily the most memorable photography assignment I’ve ever been a part of. Days were long and tiring, but worth every moment. Lots of big fish, tons of variety in water, great food and culture. Read on to get a little bit more on our adventure….

Week 1 – Esquel Region

It’s tough for me to label any part of this trip as my favorite part, as every region is vastly different from one another. When explaining the Esquel Region, one word comes to mind — DIVERSITY. A guest could spend 3 weeks in this region alone and fish different water each day. Everything from glacier fed rivers, tailwaters, lakes, and desert spring creeks – all of which hold large fish.

Each morning the photo team was given the location to shoot for the day. Rance and Travis (PRG owners) would send us out with our own boats and guides making sure that we could get anywhere at any given time in order to get “the shot”. Our week was a combination of Rio Grande (Futalefeu), Rio Frey (Los Alerces NP), Rio Rivadavia (Los Alerces NP), Guahaina (spring creek), and Arroyo Pescado (spring creek).

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Week 2 – San Martin de los Andes (PRG North)

Our next stop was a quick tour of what the North operation had to offer, San Martin being it’s base of operation. We only had three days here, but we managed to tap into a nice variety of water, visit a few estancias and also were lucky enough to experience the camp (glamping!) operation that PRG North provides.

In three days time, we fished Rio Malleo, Chimehuin, Collon Cura, and Traful. We also experienced a ton of culture at Estancias Tipiuluke, Arroyo Verde, and Quemquemtreu. Camping on the Collon Cura was the highlight of our trip North, hands down. PRG goes to all ends in order to create a high end camping experience. Personally, I’m the type that likes to rough it a bit and camp minimally, but it’s nice to experience this type of camping as well. They have everything from a hot showers to fresh sushi. Another highlight of the camping is witnessing one of the darkest skies you will ever experience. Nothing beats camping under the Milky Way and the Southern Cross!!

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Week 3 – Rio Pico

After a long drive back to Trevelin and a solid nights rest, we departed once again for the third leg of our adventure. We were headed to Rio Pico, home of Tres Valles Lodge, PRG’s signature southern hospitality. This area offers anglers a wonderful variety of lakes, rivers, and spring creeks to fish and is also one of the more remote regions of the PRG fishing program. If you happen to plan your visit for fall fishing, you just might get lucky enough to chase after some of the largest brook trout in Argentina, if not the world. You might have noticed that I mentioned lakes. Yes, LAKES. For some reason, lakes seem to get the “shaft” by most anglers. These aren’t your typical stocked ponds like you fish in the rockies, so hold that judgement until you fish a lake in Argentina. Just say yes, and prepare to catch some of the largest trout you have ever seen — rainbows, browns and brookies! Our stay down south was a short three days, but we managed to maximize every moment. The Tres Valles home lake was a producer of a monster brown and brook trout, two of the more memorable fish of our trip. We also fished the upper Las Pampas, Arroyo Negro spring creek, and Lago Uno.

The trip home was a full 24 hours of trucks and planes. I had a lot of time to think about the trip and how great the experience. To be honest, as badly as my body hurt and ached, I wanted to stay and continue to explore and shoot. I always have next time!

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