abel sds reel

Abel Reels just released their latest and greatest when it comes to high performance saltwater reels. The Abel Sealed Drag Salt reel, better known as Abel SDS, combines Abel’s impressive machining with a high tech, fully-sealed drag system to create a saltwater worthy reel capable of withstanding the harsh conditions and rigorous beatings that come from fishing the salt.

The instant you pick it up, you can see the attention to detail Abel put into the highly anticipated reel. It’s an attractive-looking reel, and with the oversized drag knob, it has a unique look that sets it apart from others. But it’s the details that make a tremendous difference for on-the-water performance. Simply put, the reel is sharp, and that might be the best way to describe the looks of the new SDS.

The Abel Sealed Drag Salt reel is available in three sizes and has a powerful drag system packed into all of them. This truly sealed system provides protection from the elements and will stand the test of time. That means when you drop your rod for that grin and grip, you won’t worry about your valuable gear getting wet in a salty environment. Or if you’re like me and have a bad habit of putting away your gear wet and taking it out a few weeks later, you won’t be running to the fly shop about to buy another reel.

Abel definitely hit the ball out of the park with this one, and with 20+ pounds of drag at the spin of a finger, the new SDS reel is capable of stopping big tarpon in their tracks, but it’s also ideal for keeping picky bonefish from bolting away on light tippet.

What more can I say? Did I mention it’ll be available for special order in all of your favorite fish print patterns as well? The new Abel Sealed Drag Salt reel has my vote!