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As we discussed in Part 1 , only a handful of dedicated permit fisheries exist, so we are thrilled to add several of them to our catalogue. Part 1 covered Guanaja and the newly opened Faraway Cayes of Honduras.

Today we highlight two fisheries in southern Belize. While these are new to the Tailwaters Travel catalogue, they are tried and true permit destinations that have been producing consistently for decades.

Blue Horizon

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Two things set the fishing apart at Blue Horizon: the staggering numbers of tailing permit, and the incredible beauty of the flats. Almost all of the fishing takes place on countless cayes, pancake flats, and reef-style flats offshore of Placencia, Belize near the barrier reef. The area has become known as “Permit Alley.” The water is crystal clear and the flats are ringed with outrageous coral. It is like fishing in a tropical aquarium and worth the trip just to see this awesome environment.

The permit here are relatively easy to locate as they tend to feed on the skinniest part of each flat. Because they frequent such shallow water, they are typically tailing. For this reason, Blue Horizon has a reputation as the permit fishing equivalent of dry fly fishing. Here, you don’t just permit fish — you do it in ultra shallow, gorgeous water.

Another bonus to Blue Horizon is that anglers have the choice of accommodations on several different cayes or on mainland Belize, along with a myriad of non-angling activities. These options mean lodging that suits anglers on any budget as well as couples and families.

Our report from our recent trip to Blue Horizon can be found here:

Check out more information about Blue Horizon here:

Copal Tree Lodge

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Copal Tree Lodge (formerly known as Belcampo) is located near Punta Gorda, the southernmost town in Belize near the border with Guatemala. The area has a well deserved reputation as a permit fishing mecca. Although new to the Tailwaters Travel catalogue, we have been fishing there for more than a decade and it is one of our favorite permit destinations.

Diversity is the key to this fishery. There are hundreds of cayes and pancake flats that attract a ton of fish, and also a huge lagoon system that the permit love. These two very different types of water not only provide a nice variety from an aesthetic standpoint, but make the fishing more consistent and reliable than perhaps any other permit destination. If the fish are scarce on the outside flats for some reason, they are usually found in the lagoon, and vice versa. Plus, the fish in the lagoon wake and push water as they search for food, which allows anglers to remain “in the game” even if cloudy weather would otherwise make it difficult to spot fish. In other words, in conditions that would turn the fish off or make them next to impossible to find in most destinations, the fishing remains good at Copal Tree Lodge. The fish here are also larger on average than at other Belizean permit fisheries.

Copal Tree Lodge is also one of the finest fishing lodges anywhere. It is located on a 12,000 acre organic farm and nature preserve that produces most of the ingredients used in its award winning restaurant. The guest suites are nestled in the rainforest on a high hill looking out to the ocean, are constructed and furnished by local artisans, and are the pinnacle of luxury, privacy, and relaxation. It offers full spa service, swimming pool, dozens of non-angling activities, and outstanding cuisine.

Check out more information about Copal Tree Lodge here:

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