April 9, 2011:  Punta Allen, Mexico – Ascension Bay

The Atlantic Permit is my personal favorite fish to target.  His
beautiful shape, large eyes, rubbery lips, and black sickle tail are
totally unique – but it is his excessive lack of cooperation that
keeps me and so many other addicts coming back for more punishment.
Permit fishing is certainly not a numbers game, but when you do
finally land one there is no greater since of accomplishment to be had
with a fly rod in hand.


It may not appear a wise business decision to commit a large segment
of our April newsletter promoting an operation that is focused on such
a highly specialized species.  There are only so many traveling
anglers out there to begin with?  Why would our travel department want
to further shrink our pool of prospects by trying to sell a style of
fishing that, on the surface, should not appeal to the masses?

You will discover in our editorial article on the following pages, A
Fishery Reinvented – Ascension Bay and the Palometa Club
, we
want to set ourselves apart from our competition by offering something
truly different to our traveling clients.  With that said, I believe
that The Palometa Club has done an incredible job of leveling the
playing field with permit fishing for even the more novice of anglers.
After a day on the water with the mentoring of their guides, you
will realize the permit is still a fish with a very small brain ? and
odds are you will catch one!  It is still a niche game, but we have
jumped on the TPC bandwagon because they have actually made it
possible for the average fly rodder to have frequent success with the
most coveted of all saltwater trophies.  Permit fishing does not have
to be only for the die hards, or reserved for the guys who can bomb it
out there 90 feet into the wind.  TPC has proved it CAN be a game for
the masses.  Who else can legitimately make this claim?

It is also worth mentioning that Ascension Bay is also a world-class
tarpon, snook, and bonefish fishery with perhaps unrivaled other
species diversity (barracuda, jack crevalle, ect) for those anglers
wanting to mix it up a bit.  You are by no means niched into just
chasing permit.

Most of all, we understand the significance of their most recent
milestone – and think it is worth the press time.  In a little over
five seasons of operation (only open 6 months a season), The Palometa
Club on Ascension Bay landed their 500th Permit!  This landmark fish
was caught by Mr. Steve Davenport, a repeat patron of TPC on Saturday,
April 9th.  Not only does Steve enjoy this notoriety but also is the
lucky winner of a FREE trip back to the Club in 2012!

The weeks and days leading up to last Sunday were nuts.  Owners, Kaye
and Dick Cameron, called me and revealed that after doing a little
record keeping, they realized the Club was only twenty some odd fish
away from numero 500.   A frantic promotional campaign ensued to
announce this noteworthy event, fill a few empty spots on the
schedule, and try to get a Tailwaters client down to the Club last
minute to have a shot at making history.

As part of the promo, and in addition to the FREE return trip to the
Club, Tailwaters was able to secure extremely generous donations from
Hatch Outdoors, Sage Fly Rods, Kaenon Optics, and Patagonia Clothing
Company.  Thanks to the spontaneity of great friend and client, Ken
Carr from Austin (who booked his trip to the Club three days in
advance), we had not only a vehicle to deliver the reward gear to the
Club from the shop, but also a Tailwaters presence during this special

Steve Davenport, the lucky gent who landed the 500th is the proud new
owner of a Sage Xi3 nine weight and a matching Hatch 7+ Reel.  He is
also sporting a new set of Kaenon shades and already sharpening his
hooks for his return trip to the Club next year.  Also caught this
week were fish #499 and #501 by Sam Benedict and Pete Carlucci

It took the most innovative of all permit anglers, Del Brown, and the
best of all permit guides, Captain Steve Huff, over twenty years to
land 514 permit – an individual record that will likely never fall.
Had Mr. Brown been a regular of the Palometa Club, perhaps he could
have gotten to 1000?

Congratulations to The Club crew for this incredible accomplishment.
We are very proud to be a part of your team and look forward to
sending many Tailwaters clients down your way as we set our sights on
the next 500.

For more information on The Palometa Club, please view our web page
and make sure to download our digital brochure.  CLICK HERE to navigate to our web page for The Palometa Club or contact David Leake ([email protected]).

Now is the time to book for the 2011-2012 campaign at the Palometa
Club!  There is still plenty of space available for large groups
during the peak season weeks.  With a 75% repeat clientele, this
availability surely won?t last long.  We have the calendar in hand and
look forward to hearing from you!