The All New Stormfront Pack

Patagonia has rolled out another absolute winner with their newly redesigned Stormfront Packs.

When I hear the word “Stormfront,” I think of worst case scenarios, like getting stuck riding out a storm on a flat that was just about to get good or taking an unexpected swim in an ice cold river. No matter the situation, these new packs are a must-have for any fishing excursion – and you can count on them to keep your camera gear safe and your belongings dry.

All the packs in Patagonia’s Stormfront line are notoriously famous for their tough-as-nails PU exterior coating and fully waterproof TIZIP main zipper. But the redesigned packs have changed a bit.

The new Stormfront Hip Pack has a super awesome zippered mesh pocket inside for easy organization of important items, along with a fully adjustable low profile hip belt and padded neck strap. On the exterior, there’s a small water resistant zipper to quickly store items that may not need the full waterproof protection. They’ve also added a few rear adjustable straps for a rod tube or jacket. The Stormfront hip pack makes for the perfect wading pack or a small boat bag.

The Stormfront Pack is a backpack that Patagonia identifies as meeting their highest level of waterproof protection. The 30L backpack accommodates larger gear, including laptops and large SLR cameras, with a low profile design and padded straps for all-day comfort. Like the Hip Pack, the Stormfront Pack has built-in dividers to keep everything inside organized.

These two pieces are getting a lot of attention with the new awesome color options: Black, Drifter Grey, and Cusco Orange. These heavy duty packs feel great on and off the water, and without a doubt, they could withstand even the harshest of trips. Crazy adventures call for crazy-tough gear and the Stormfront has you covered.

Check out the new Stormfront Hip Pack HERE and read more about the Stormfront Pack HERE.