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Shop it. Fish it. Give Back…  A rising tide floats all boats.

Since 2007, Tailwaters has made a conscious effort to participate in many local community events here in our hometown of Dallas, Texas. As part of the home team mindset, we are proud of our roots, who we are, and where we come from. Without our community and our customers, we would not be Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company. Our involvement in school raffles and auctions, clay shoots, golf and fishing tournaments, and charitable events for countless other causes has become part of everyday shop life.  We are hit up on a weekly basis by all types of organizations. Regrettably, we cannot accommodate everyone with simple donations from our on-hand inventory or like-kind donations.  

Like so many other small businesses and specialty retailers, we are adjusting to all the curveballs that 2020 threw at us.  We are becoming more efficient and long to establish more meaningful connections with our customers and friends.  To enhance our involvement with the Dallas community and beyond, we have launched a new win-win campaign aimed to improve the way we fundraise and bring awareness in support of those who support us.

We are excited to officially announce our “Rising Tide Partnership” program.  

For years we have been overwhelmed with requests for donations of all kinds from both the shop and our travel department.  We feel this model not only does not meaningfully support the cause making the ask, but for a mom and pop retailer is also very challenging to accommodate financially. Instead of mindlessly shoveling products out the door to various charity causes, we created an idea that is a more collaborative event, a win-win for both parties. The Rising Tide Partnership provides loyal clients of Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company the opportunity to partner with us and raise funds for qualifying organizations.  Tailwaters has made the commitment to donate 10% of gross sales from one day’s transactions to the partnering organization on a calendar day of their choice. 

EASY!  Raise funds for your group while shopping locally at Texas’ Fly Shop!

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The Tailwaters Bar

Recent Rising Tide events have proven  the  opportunity for us to donate actual funds rather than just another rod and reel combo outfit valued at a few hundred dollars. In addition, a “Rising Tide Day”, creates a day of community filled atmosphere with real cause and awareness. It’s also an outstanding way for partnering organizations to have a pre or post event (happy hour, meetings, etc) in addition to their actual event. 

CUSTOMIZE! Make the day yours! Bring in live music, bartenders and catered food! Our most successful partnerships are the ones that are marketed well by the organization. Use your social media channels to promote the event. Tailwaters will assist your organization in creating a printable or digital “coupon” to present at check out. Not in Dallas? Shop online to support as well!

Much thought went into the decision  in 2016 to move the shop to a warehouse on Levee Street in the design district. We wanted more space to spread the good vibes of the fly fishing world, host events for different groups and organizations, and a place to have a cold one after a hard day’s work. Our infamous bar became the spirit of our design and is the heart of our store to host events. It creates the perfect arena for both anglers and non anglers. We are proud to showcase our home turf and have you join our home team. Support your cause, support local, shop Texas’ Fly Shop.

Shop it. Fish it. Give Back…  A rising tide floats all boats. 

Recent Rising Tide Partnerships 

  • Texas Hurricane Relief Donation
  • Casting for a Cure / Borracho Pescador
  • Casting for Recovery 
  • Rise School of Dallas with the Touchdown Club

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