Tailwaters is pleased to welcome Schuyler Marshall to our Travel Department!



Schuyler joined the Tailwaters Travel department in 2017, working remotely from Austin, Texas, where he lives with his wife Julie and daughter McKenzie. He brings a lifetime of fly fishing experience and a love of the outdoors — especially in remote places. He grew up trout fishing in Colorado and throughout the Western U.S., as well as in Patagonia and New Zealand. After moving to Austin, Schuyler caught the saltwater bug while fishing the Texas Coast and throughout Central America, the Caribbean, and Bahamas. His latest obsession is fly fishing the jungles of Amazonia. Schuyler is also a dedicated bowhunter and has lived in Zimbabwe, Telluride, and Alaska. He has guided mule deer and elk hunts in Colorado and Sonora, Mexico, and was a fly fishing guide with Telluride Outside. Schuyler is an IFFF Certified Casting Instructor.

For Schuyler, fly fishing travel provides deep and authentic immersion into regions and cultures that general tourism rarely achieves. And with fishing, Schuyler finds a deep connection to the natural world. As he puts it, “No other outdoor activity brings you as close to nature, whether it be rafting, biking, hiking, boating, et cetera. This is because with fishing, you are trying to literally connect with a wild creature, and that means immersion in its world. Even nature tours or eco tours do not come anywhere close to the intimacy with nature that fishing requires.”