Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co. is sending their first group of 2011 to the Alphonse Island Resort this month. We have been preparing equipment for this group for the last few weeks, all of which includes: rods, reels, line, and of course flies! By standard protocol, all Tailwaters travel customers receive a thoroughly prepared outfitting guide & pre-trip planner, in addition to our staff always lending a hand in the packing process – which is always half the fun.

There is no trip more gear intensive than a trip to Seychelles.  With so many species and different styles of fishing available, a quiver of rods is a must.  A typical rod lineup for the this trip is anything between a 7wt-12wt — covering everything from permit, triggerfish and bonefish to milkfish and giant trevally. It’s never a bad idea to bring multiple backups as you are on the other side of the planet, and you never know when you might hook into an eighty pound Giant Trevally, feeling so inclined, will snap your rod in two.

Reels with the highest quality drag systems and adequate backing capacity are a must!  Gel spun backing is also paramount.  With fish as powerful as a GT or milkfish, you don’t want to come home telling your friends you lost the fish of a lifetime because your crap reel blew up on you – or your wimpy Dacron backing snapped on something. We recommend Abel, Tibor and Hatch reels for the job, all having a smooth track record for fishing big, powerful fish.

Lines for the most part are going to be a variant of a saltwater weight forward floating line. There are times however where a full sinking line is needed— the deeper channels and edges will often be plentiful with giant trevally and other species. Back up lines are also a must as lines can often be cut by coral, or be damaged by shark or barracuda.

Flies are my favorite part. I love all the different patterns, colors, and materials used to fool these saltwater species. To keep this brief, follow this link to view all the flies you would need for the Seychelles. Our travel department has put together this fly selection based on years of experience at Alphonse Island Resort.

If you would like any additional information on this destination, click here or email our travel director, David Leake.