All-Star client and friend, Sam Gioldasis, came up with his “Top Ten Reasons” for returning to the marshes of Southern Louisiana to chase redfish.  Not a shabby testimonial.  Thanks Sam!

From Sam Gioldasis – Dallas, TX

David, I want to follow up on the trip you arranged to the Woodland Plantation.

The “Top Ten Reasons” I will go back as much as possible:

1)  It is in the good old USA and close to New Orleans.

2)  It is easy to add an evening of gambling at Harrah’s at the end of the trip.

3)  The food, spirits, service, ambiance, & entire Woodland facilities are first class.  I could take my wife there.

4)  The guides were 4 of the most professional I’ve experienced (Especially Alec).

5)  They got you on the water early & stayed late.  A full day of fishing is 10 hours if you want it to be.  None of this back at the camp at 3.

6)  The tackle on the boats is top shelf.  The flies are hand tied works of art that really work.  At the end of the day they give you the flies you’ve used.

7)  They have spinning & fly fishing tackle, so you are prepared for all conditions.

8)  The guides pole you through the thinnest water to get to the fish.  This required great strength and effort, but they got us on the fish (They all earned their gratuities at the aend of the day).  They didn’t rest until they found fish that could be caught. I’ve certainly experienced the guide that mailed it in after striking out for a couple of hours.  These guides want you to catch fish.

9)  We caught hundreds of hard fighting quality fish.  I caught more fish, more pounds of fish and saw thousands more than I’ve ever seen anywhere including Belize.  Incredible!!

10)  Tailwaters thinks of everything.  All the details were covered & the trip went off without a hitch.  Had I planned it my own self, I am sure I would have messed up something.

I speak for all six of us on the trip.  We will be calling you soon to go back Thanks for planning such a memorable adventure.   -Sam