Quick Facts

  • Price: $10250 // 7 NIGHTS / 6 DAYS FISHING
  • Seasonality: JUNE – EARLY OCTOBER


BBL operates both Saturday – Saturday and Monday – Monday schedules, as well as 3 1/2 day packages when available. Anglers typically fly to Anchorage, Alaska where they spend the night before flying to Dillingham the next morning. They then drive 45 minutes to Lake Aleknagik and board a covered boat for a beautiful ride up the lake to the lodge. (See SAMPLE ITINERARY for more details)


Daily fly-outs and two overnights at remote camps. A mix of walk-and-wade fishing, jet-boats, and float trips.


Choosing a date to fish anywhere in Western Alaska depends on which species of fish you would like to target. Fishing is excellent any time in the season, but the conditions and species available vary from month to month and may impact when you decide to visit. All months are excellent for viewing wildlife. (See WHEN TO GO for more details).

Bristol Bay Lodge is a great option for hard-core anglers as well as mixed groups looking for the “everything Alaska” kind of trip. The lodge’s upscale accommodations make it a favorite for couples and those who don’t want to “rough it” in order to experience the Alaskan wilderness. While trips here center around fishing as the dominant activity, there is no better way to experience all of western Alaska’s scenery, landscapes and wildlife than on a fly-out fishing trip. It is a great option to consider for anglers of all skill levels, genders, ages (including children), and for conventional tackle anglers as well as fly fishermen. It is also a great option to consider for folks wanting a mix of the fly-out experience combined with the remote wilderness experience in their two luxurious overnight camps.


7 nights / 6 days fishing, daily fly outs, shared room / guide

The lodge has several “family weeks” each season with rates of $4750 for kids. It also offers 3 or 3 1/2 day packages when available.

Rates are inclusive of all guided fishing and daily fly-outs, accommodations, air charter from Anchorage to Dillingham and transfer to lodge, meals, alcoholic beverages (BYOB encouraged), use of fishing equipment and waders/boots. Additional expenses include but are not limited to airfare to Anchorage, hotel accommodations in Anchorage, gratuities and fishing license. (See RATES for details).

You the client don’t pay a penny for our travel services! Our destination recommendations, organization, and pre-trip planning services are completely free of charge – and oftentimes less expensive than booking direct with a lodge or outfitter. We can assist with every question, concern, or special request related to your adventure at zero cost!


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Founded in 1972, Bristol Bay Lodge sits on a wooded rise overlooking Lake Aleknagik and the surrounding mountains of Wood-TikChik Park. The lodge presides over a quiet scenic bay some 40 air miles northwest of the small and remote town of Dillingham. Bristol Bay Lodge is perhaps the most upscale fly-out lodge in the famous Dillingham area, and is an excellent candidate for couples, families, and hard-core anglers alike.

The lodge has fine tuned a fishing program that maximizes the opportunities in terms of variety of rivers fished, species caught and even methods of fishing during any given week. If you want the full Alaska experience, seeing lots of different rivers and catching many species in one day, BBL is right up your alley.

Destination Details

Destination Description

Bristol Bay Lodge is one of Alaska’s premier world-class wilderness fishing lodges. Strategically located in the heart of America’s largest state park, Bristol Bay Lodge has the distinct advantage of being utterly surrounded by pristine wilderness and dozens of spectacular fisheries. The lodge’s proximity to the watersheds within Wood-TikChik Park and Togiak National Wildlife Refuge means more fishing and less travel time, with flights averaging only 30 minutes. Abundant home water fishing is also minutes from the lodge. Just a short boat ride from the lodge’s front door is the world-famous Agulowak River, celebrated for its productive fishing for rainbows, grayling, char, dolly varden, and sockeye salmon.

Bristol Bay Lodge offers a totally unique opportunity for guests to enjoy two intimate, comfortable outpost camps on very rare private water. Just four guests (six from time to time if an intact group) enjoy the creature comforts of a camp on private water with incredible fishing. The lodge maintains exclusive leases on the two most exceptional river fisheries in the Bristol Bay region. Northwest of the lodge is Birch Creek Camp. Directly west of the lodge is Rainbo Camp, located on the tidewater/confluence of two exceptional rivers. This overnight experience is often what is remembered as one of the highlights of a trip to BBL.

The Fishing

Bristol Bay Lodge has designed and fine tuned a fishing program that maximizes the opportunities in terms of variety of rivers fished, species caught and even methods of fishing during any given week. If you want to catch the same species all week long, BBL is not the lodge for you because their program does not provide for this. However, if you want the full Alaska experience, seeing lots of different rivers and catching many species in one day (and often as many as you could handle in one day or even a week), BBL is the lodge for you.

Each day’s fishing is scheduled the evening before and the destination board is posted showing your pilot, guides, destination, species available, time of departure and your fishing companions for the day. This allows you time for conversing with guides, manager Steve Laurent and pilots so that you can fine-tune tackle, flies and preparations for the following day’s adventure.

In addition, Bristol Bay Lodge guests have the opportunity to fish two of Alaska’s most renowned rivers, the Agulowak and the Agulopak, inside Wood-TikChik Park. These rivers provide productive fishing for rainbows, grayling, char, and dolly varden all summer long. They are also host to the single largest sockeye run anywhere in the world. On average, several million fish return to the Wood-TikChik lakes system and associated rivers each year. The first sockeye are usually caught around the 4th of July. Dry fly fishing, nymphing, and streamer fishing are all productive techniques at different times during the summer and our guides will assist you with choosing the best technique and flies.

Beyond exclusive overnight camps, the lodge also maintains two separate spike camps (small resident camps for guides allowing us to be in touch with the movements of the fish on daily/hourly basis and get correct weather information) on the Togiak River inside the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. One camp is based on the lower river and one within the wilderness boundary on the upper river. The camp on the lower river offers fishing for all five species of Pacific salmon, rainbow trout, and also a prolific run of dolly varden. The upper river camp is dolly varden and silver salmon heaven! Both Togiak camps are near several smaller tributaries that can offer excellent small water rainbow trout and dolly (and great silver) fishing at different times of the year.

After spending an evening at the lodge, you will depart for one of two fishing destinations that will later involve an overnight experience at one of BBL’s two outpost camps. Spending the first day fishing one location, you will then be transferred by plane to either Birch or Rainbo Camp. Upon arrival at Birch or Rainbo Camp, you will be greeted by a permanent staff consisting of two guides and a cook who will offer you a light snack and beverages. Dinner is typically served at 7:00pm, allowing for several hours of fishing time before dinner if you are so inclined. After a meal served in the dining tent, guests can enjoy some time to relax or make a few last casts on the river that runs only yards in front of camp.

Much of Alaska’s best fishing water is accessible only by floatplane. Bristol Bay Lodge flies guests to their fishing destination in legendary de Havilland Beaver floatplanes. These airplanes are comfortable and reliable, earning the nickname “workhorses of the North.” Each aircraft is in excellent condition and all are well maintained throughout the entire season. Bristol Bay Lodge employs three pilots through the summer. BBL pilots have more than three decades of experience flying in Alaska and some have flown for BBL for more than 16 years. Jet boats are also kept on many different rivers during the season for easy access to the most productive fishing waters.


Catering to up to 26 guests per week, the lodge’s well-appointed facility offers casually elegant wilderness living filled with creature comforts and an atmosphere of camaraderie. The main lodge houses a completely equipped professional kitchen. The dining room, large living room with bar area, the library and a huge fly tying bench laden with everything one needs to tie quality flies suited to the surrounding rivers. The iconic see-through fireplace is fronted by a panoramic view of Lake Aleknagik.

Bristol Bay Lodge has eight bedrooms in the main lodge as well as a fully equipped fly and tackle shop. Guests can arrive with nothing but a waterproof jacket and be fully outfitted. In warm weather the lodge’s decks are the favorite gathering places for appetizers, cocktails and weekly barbecues. The hot tub and sauna get lots of use after fishing – relaxing sore muscles. Set around the lodge, but private in every regard, are four cedar cabins, often used for small groups or families. Each cabin is different offering its own character, yet all offer scenic views of Lake Aleknagik, slightly fragrant with the scent of cedar as you would expect of true wilderness cabins.


Bristol Bay Lodge offers a totally unique opportunity for guests to enjoy two intimate, comfortable (recently upgraded) outpost camps on very rare private water. Imagine just four guests, or six from time to time if an intact group, enjoying the comfort of a private camp on private water with incredible fishing. You can fish all night under the midnight sun or just enjoy sitting around the campfire in the middle of nowhere but with a full staff and full communications in case of emergency. It does not get better than this and this is what Bristol Bay Lodge, with its international experience in remote operations, does best. Guests fish other rivers during the day, rotate into one of the outpost camps at about 5 pm, spend 24 hours there, then return to the lodge the following evening.

Bristol Bay Lodge maintains exclusive leases on the two most exceptional river fisheries in all of the Bristol Bay Region. Northwest of the lodge is Birch Creek Camp. Directly west of the lodge is Rainbo Camp, located on the tidewater/confluence of two exceptional rivers. This overnight experience is often what is remembered as one of the highlights in a trip of a lifetime.

Both camps have fixed beds with fresh linens, warm full sized sleeping bags, fleece liners, heaters, running water, and full service lavatory. Each camp also has three guest tents that accommodate two fishermen per tent, as well as a main cook tent that is used for serving breakfast and dinner plus a central meeting place for sharing fishing stories and relaxing over a cocktail. Both camps are staffed with two experienced guides as well as a camp chef to take care of all of your needs.


Each of the camps has a unique charm and distinctly different types of fishing but both are equipped with heated ‘Weatherport’ tents built on stable wooden platforms. With fully framed beds, proper mattresses, high-quality sleeping bags with sheet liners and fleece blankets, high-quality pillows and linens, the nights are cozy, warm and comfortable. The dining tents are spacious (for pre-dinner gathering, after-dinner fly tying or cards) and contain all necessities for the preparation of hearty meals. There is also a hot-water shower and flush WC facility. Each camp has its own boats and motors and radio and satellite communication as well as a fully experienced resident staff of two guides and a chef. Both camps are visited by all guests each week. Waterproof bags are provided to guests to use for the week for storage while traveling to your day and overnight excursions.


Most guests fly to Anchorage, Alaska and spend the night at one of our recommended hotels before continuing on to the lodge the next morning. Anchorage receives multiple flights daily from all over the “lower 48” on most major airlines.

The second leg of the trip involves a private charter flight from Anchorage to Dillingham (included in the trip package). Guests are met by Bristol Bay Lodge staff and driven 45 minutes to Lake Aleknagik, where they board large covered boats for the stunning ride up Lake Aleknagik to the lodge.

Upon arrival, guests are escorted to the main lodge for lunch. Afterward there is an orientation followed by an escort to your room or cabin. Every guest will have the opportunity to go fishing on his or her arrival day.

Sample Itinerary


Travel to Anchorage, Alaska. Spend the night in Anchorage at a recommended hotel. Hotel accommodations and meals are not included in package cost.


Return to airport for morning private charter flight from Anchorage to Dillingham (included in package, exact itinerary t.b.d.). In Dillingham, meet Bristol Bay Lodge representatives, drive 45 minutes to Lake Aleknagik, then take gorgeous ride in comfortable covered boats to lodge. Have lunch, receive orientation, get geared up and go fishing.


Six full fishing days!
Each morning begins with breakfast between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. After breakfast, get your gear and meet your guide. Planes depart the lodge at 8:00 a.m. Lunch is taken in the field, and planes return to the lodge between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are served before dinner which is usually scheduled for 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Please double check these times with the lodge staff as they are subject to change.

Bristol Bay Lodge operates de Havilland Beaver float planes — as many of the fishing areas are accessed exclusively by airplane. In addition to the standard fly-out fishing options, Bristol Bay Lodge also operates two “outpost camps” offering rustic yet comfortable overnight accommodations at either the Birch Creek or Rainbo Camps. Guests are typically scheduled to spend one night in each camp during the week.


There is no fishing on departure day. Have breakfast and settle any incidental charges such as gift shop purchases or fishing licenses. Give gratuity to lodge manager for distribution to lodge staff and guides.

Take boat ride back across Lake Aleknagik, drive back to Dillingham, and take charter flight back to Anchorage. Most guests continue on homeward the same day, as there are many “red-eye” flights from Anchorage to the “lower 48.”

When to Go

Bristol Bay Lodge is open from early June through early October.

Choosing a date to fish anywhere in Western Alaska is completely contingent upon which species of fish you would like to target. Fishing in general is excellent any time in the season but the conditions and species available vary from month to month and may impact when you decide to visit. All months are excellent for viewing wildlife, and anglers often find themselves sharing the river or stream with multiple grizzly bears doing a little fishing of their own.

The annual salmon run plays a huge role in the productivity of the fishing. Every summer millions of Pacific Salmon return to their home streams to spawn and die, contributing in this natural cycle of life that maintains the health and productivity of the fishery.


The month of June is marked by the arrival of the mighty chinook or king salmon, the largest of the salmon species. A mass exodus of salmon fry also head down stream to the ocean. Trout fishing during this period is typically excellent and perhaps the best time of the year to experience some of Alaska’s dry fly-fishing.


July is a month noted for its huge variety of options including the peak of the king and sockeye runs as well as the addition of the chum and pink salmon. By the end of the month nearly every fish migration is in effect on some level, and July is a wonderful month for anglers looking to experience a sampling of nearly all the species and styles of fishing Alaska offers.


August is the month of the coho or silver salmon, the most acrobatic and eager of the five pacific salmon species. Although pinks and chums are still around in August, the coho steals the show. As the silvers make their grand entrance, most other species are on their spawning beds and the rainbows, char and dolly varden are in tow feeding non-stop on the protein enriched salmon eggs. Fishing techniques during August typically revolve around feeding egg patterns to eager, one track minded, rainbows, dolly varden, and char gorging below spawning salmon.


The silver salmon are still around through mid September, but the highlight of the month are the huge rainbows! After a full summer of feeding on salmon eggs and flesh, rainbows are at their fattest weights of the year. The salmon runs are complete by the end of the month and the biggest rainbows are still on the move feeding on anything they can grab in anticipation of the coming winter. September and early October offer the angler the best opportunity to catch a real legendary monster Alaskan Rainbow.


The weather is about the only thing you CANNOT count on with your trip to Alaska. Guests must plan on every type of weather to occur at anytime. Daytime temperatures range from cool to hot and rain showers can occur at any moment. On any given day you could see hot weather turn to cold, calm turn to windy, and sunny to rainy almost before your eyes. If you decide to visit Alaska, high quality rain gear is an absolute must. Typically, June and July are a little warmer and drier than August and September.

Non-Angling Activities

Although fishing is the predominant activity at Bristol Bay Lodge, we encourage everyone to visit the lodge. Perhaps the best way to see Alaska’s beautiful countryside, wildlife, and wilderness is on a fly-out fishing trip, or at one of the lodge’s outpost camps. Wildlife encounters and photographic opportunities are everywhere including daily sightings of bears as well as wolves, moose, bald eagles, and a wide variety of birds and other wildlife. There is no better way for anyone to have a true wilderness experience.

Although daily activities are oriented around fishing, guests at BBL can detour to enjoy some wildlife viewing, go on a hike, etc. Beginner anglers are encouraged to use spinning equipment instead of fly-rods if required to make guests more comfortable.


7 night / 6 days fishing . . . $10250 per angler
(shared room / guide)

During “family weeks” the rate for children is $5125

4 night / 3.5 days fishing (when available) . . . $5870 per angler
(shared room / guide)

3 night / 3 days fishing (when available) . . . $5030 per angler
(shared room / guide)


7 Nights double occupancy accommodations at Bristol Bay Lodge; 6 Days guided fly-out fishing with shared guide; Air charter between Anchorage and Dillingham and transfers to/from lodge; Housekeeping and laundry service; Three meals per day from a daily menu; Happy hour wine and beer; Use of chest waders, fly rods & reels; Preparation of all harvested game in approved shipping container for traveling home


Roundtrip airfare to/from Anchorage, Alaska; Accommodations while in Anchorage; Applicable fishing licenses; Liquor (BYOB encouraged); Use of lodge telephone and fax; Souvenirs; All applicable gratuities (10-15% of trip cost is customary)


Tailwaters Travel must adhere to the cancellation policies of the guides and lodges which it represents. Bristol Bay Lodge’s policy follows: A fifty-percent non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to confirm all reservations. All trips must be paid in full 60 days prior to departure day. All trips booked within 60 days from departure must be paid in full. A deposit may be transferred to another person who is not booked at the lodge for the current season. Deposits are refundable for cancellation only after/if the cancelled space has been filled. Refunds are not granted for non-flying days due to weather or reasons out of the lodge’s control. Refunds of deposits/payments made on credit cards will be charged a 3.5% service charge to fully compensate Tailwaters Travel for all bank charges incurred. Receipt of deposit and/or final payment is acknowledgement that registrant has read and accepts the cancellation, refund, and responsibility clauses.

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