By David Leake

Below are some trip reports from some recent clients fishing the marsh this November.  Proof is in the pudding…  The marsh is in good shape and the reds are plentiful.  Call us now to book!



From Andy Stepanian –Houston, TX.

It was one of the best and most fortunate trips I’ve been on.  Absolutely perfect weather, unbelievable fish (16 fish over 18 pounds!) and awesome guides and people.  Kirby is one of a kind and Alec is very easy going and fun to fish with.  We never saw another fishing boat of any kind, much less a skiff.  The Woodland Plantation was awesome and Foster has a cool and laid back thing going there.  We topped if all off yesterday with 8 fish over 18 and a 28 pound crown jewel – in a half day mind you.  We even got Kirby on the front of the boat to show us how it is done.  One thing is certain, there is no oil in that marsh.  Sorry we bugged you so much about that!  I’m going again soon.

From Cole Clarkson –Richmond, VA.

Today we caught 25, 26.5, 26.5, 24, 20 and 23 pound reds.  Not to mention a 16# black drum and many smaller fish including multiple doubles. Unreal day!!! We’ve already had enough fun for 3 days.  Thanks for hooking us up.  By the way, the oil spill is certainly not impacting the trip!