Whiskey on the Road

The day is over. You’ve traveled through two time zones, taken a bumpy van ride, been awash in salt spray, and finally you’ve reached that lodge that you dreamed, schemed, and coveted for the last six months. You’ve unpacked your bags, rigged your rods, checked your knots, and your flies are stacked neatly in their boxes, ready to deploy.

As the sun sets and the sounds of the water lapping the dock intensifies, and the wind lays down, you reach into your pack and grab that precious bottle. It may have started its life in the hills of Kentucky or the shores of Scotland, but now, on this sandy beach, you’re both joined together.

Like many a fly fisherman, I’m fond of my whiskies. Whether it’s a bourbon, Scotch, or a nice rye, the warm notes and many flavors bring a finishing touch to great day on the water.

While I enjoy many of the better whiskies neat or with a few cubes, sometimes a little mixer makes the night and the company of others a little smoother.

Here is one of my favorites. Simple to mix and made with readily available ingredients.

  • One lowball glass (YETI stainless travels well and keeps cold)
  • Four Roses Bourbon Yellow Label (best $20 bottle on the market and makes a great bourbon for mixing)
  • Ginger ale (I prefer Fever-Tree or Fanta if you’re in Belize)
  • Angostura Bitters
  • Slice of lime (optional)

Fill the glass with ice, fill half way with bourbon, top off with ginger ale, add a squeeze of lime, add two drops of bitters, mix.