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Yellowstone | July 1-7 with Tee Clarkson

Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions Youth Trips

Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions leads youth fly fishing trips to wilderness areas from Yellowstone to Colorado to Maine, and even international destinations. LFFE trips feature excellent fishing in beautiful, remote areas, but offer much more than that: backcountry skills, environmental education, wilderness trekking, teamwork, and community service. Participants gain leadership, independence, responsibility, environmental ethic, and of course, fly fishing proficiency.

Most importantly, LFFE trips are a TON of fun. Backcountry hiking/fishing trips are recipes for camaraderie and friendships that simply cannot be replicated in another setting. Most LFFE students return every year until graduating — and many of them return to help lead trips after that!

One of LFFE’s most memorable trips is to Yellowstone Park. This year’s hosted trip with Tee Clarkson is July 1-7 (more details below) Here is how Tee describes the trip:

“If you have ever netted a wild cutthroat, miles from the nearest road in the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park, and turned to see the smiling face of a kid holding a fly rod, the smiling face of a kid that has just caught his biggest fish, you know that nothing quite compares to that feeling, that of all the great accomplishments we can achieve in the sport, maybe the greatest one is passing it down to the next generation.

Each year I look forward to that moment when we emerge from a stand of evergreens and look out over the first meadow of Slough Creek. There are still several miles to hike before we will drop packs and string rods and cast big, attractor dry flies to wild, Yellowstone cutthroat, but we always stop there as we first enter the meadow, paralyzed momentarily by the vastness, the openness, the wildness. We turn to the left, point to the bison on the hillside in the distance, grazing in the lush grass below the last of the lingering snow. Everyone is quiet for a moment. Man I love it.”

It’s a wild place. We need those wild spaces for our kids now more than ever.

LFFE not only leads its charges to remote locations safely, it also provides fly fishing instruction to all skill levels. From basic beginner lessons on grass and easy fishing scenarios on wide open pools, to more advanced instruction and chances at large, difficult-to-catch fish, LFFE provides guidance that is just right for any young angler. Considering that such instruction takes place on some of America’s most famous waters, there is no better way to take the next step as an angler.

We cannot think of a better summertime adventure for teens!

Yellowstone | July 1-7, 2021 | Hosted trip with Tee Clarkson

Head deep into the most famous national park in the U.S. and fish some of Yellowstone’s most fabled waters, including the Yellowstone River, Lamar River, and Soda Butte Creek. The highlight of the trip, however, is the trek into Slough Creek to chase some of the biggest cutthroat in the park. This backcountry section of river lies between 4 and 9 miles from the nearest road, and only gets fished by the most adventurous anglers.


July 1 — Arrive in Bozeman. Drive to Mammoth Campground. After dinner fishing on the Gardner River.
July 2 — Move Camp to Pebble Creek Campground. Fish Soda Butte Creek.
July 3 — Fish the Lamar River.
July 4 — Enter Slough Creek Backcountry. Fish Slough Creek.
July 5 — Fish Slough Creek. Hike out of the Backcountry.
July 6 — Float fishing on the Yellowstone River. Bozeman Hot Springs. Banquet dinner in Bozeman.
July 7 — Depart Bozeman

Cost: $2,495 (includes everything but airfare to Bozeman and certain gear)

Keep in mind that LFFE offers a number of other trips to other destinations throughout summer, plus a handful of trips throughout the year. Here are all of LFFE’s 2021 programs.

To enroll your student in Tee’s hosted trip, please click HERE and scroll to the bottom to find the “ENROLL NOW” button.

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